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2023-08-09 09:52:32

How to Tie a Tie _ Windsor Knot _ Step by Step

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Hi , I'm Dee Fragment and I'm gonna show you how to tie a double Windsor knot in three simple steps .

The first step is the foundation .

Start with your collar up and the tie around your neck .

If your right hand would hold the wide end in your right hand and the narrow end in your left hand .

Now , it's important to remember that the longer you make the wide end , the lower the tie will hang .

When you're finished , everyone's necks different .

Some are narrow , some are wide .

Basically , you want to line up your tie like this .

If you remember this , you'll save yourself a lot of time later on .

Now , cross he turned over and leave about this much on the narrow end .

That's about four inches or 10 centimeters .

You can readjust it later .

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If you like with your left hand , take the wide end , thread it through the back of this opening from behind and thread it all the way through like this .

Now take the wide end and with your left hand , wrap it all the way around the back like this .

Switch hands , taking the wide end .

Now on your right hand , thread it through the front of this opening .

We're going through the front and down this time , thread it through all the way down like this .

The hardest part is now done .

The rest is easy .

What you can see here is the inside of your knot .

This will be the foundation .

It should look a bit like a triangle .

Now's a good time to shape it so that it's even on both sides .

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The key here is to make it look symmetrical , a nice symmetrical triangular knot .

The next step is to cover up the knot , take your left hand and put your index finger on the knot like this and keep it there .

And with your right hand , holding the long end or the wide end of the tie , wrap it around the knot from right to left , just throw it over like that and grab it from behind .

Keep your index finger where it is with your right hand , push the wide end through this opening again from the back .

So we're coming up and through the back like this , threading it through the hole .

Now , this part is important , your index finger has created a little tunnel .

What you need to do now is thread the tide down through the tunnel and pull it through .

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The last step .

Now is to adjust and tighten it .

Alternating between the long end and the short end of the tie gradually pulling the knot up and shaping it as you go until it's exactly how you want it to be a nice symmetrical triangular knot and there you have it .

Thank you for watching .

I hope you found this helpful .


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