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2023-08-08 12:51:36


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What's up guys , Bama's Outdoors back here with you again to do another tutorial .

And today we're gonna do one on how to rig and tie a chatter bait .

Now , when I first started my channel just as an experiment , because I had no idea how to make or , or how to do youtube or anything of that nature .

And in fact , I'm still learning , there's a lot to learn about it .

Uh , I did a , I did my very first video on how to rig a chatter bait and it actually got a lot of views , but after I watched it several times myself to go back and look at it , I was like , you know , there's a lot of information I , I left out of that video and it was kind of , you know , really wasn't specific as , as I would like to have it been .

So I decided to delete that video and come back and try to do a better video for you today .

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And so basically the chatter bait to me is the perfect marriage between a jig and a buzz bait .

You know , the buzz bait , you get the sound out of the buzz bait , ripping it across the top of the water , the jig , I mean , 99.9% of the time you're fishing it deep , you know , dropping it , dropping it off in the mass , dropping it off in wood , on rock beds and things of that nature .

The real cool thing about the chatter bait that I really like is , you know , there's really no real specific way how to fish it .

I mean , you can , you can throw it out there , reel it in quick .

Keep it up to the top , you know , get the bass and hit it at the top .

You can slow it down , you know , fish , 8 9 10 ft down and you can really slow it down and fish at the bottom .

So that's what I really love about the bait .

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And , you know , it's like having a jig with some extra noise on it and it really entices the fish .

And again , you know , I'm not a , I'm not a professional fisherman , I'm just your everyday low cash fisher , you know , fishermen .

Uh , all the advice that I give is just advice that I have gained by my own experience .

So I know you can get much better advice from the pros .

So everything I'm telling you today is just what I've learned on my own experience .

But when you buy a chatter bait nine times out of 10 , you'll have one of these little , you know , these little trailers that come in the pack to me , you know , they're ok , but they're really kind of lame to me .

But , you know , at least they're putting something in there for you .

So , what I like to do is I like to take something like a , you know , a paddle tail , swim bait .

These are great to use this trailers on the , on the chatter bait .

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And a lot of times what I'll do is I'll take it either bite it off or cut it off right here , you know , and run it up there and it really brings a whole different form of action to the lure , which sometimes is what it takes in order to get those bites .

I mean , I , I can't tell you how many times I've fished a chatter bait with these little standard type trailers on them and I can't get a , you know , I might get a strike every now and then , but I'll turn around and put something on like this paddle tail as well as this little Christie Critter .

I'll do the same thing with it , you know , I'll nip it off about right here and then run that on there because they have so much more action out of the trailer also use creature baits and sometimes that additional action of those trailers can be the what really entices those fish to , to strike and you , you can catch more fish that way .

And , uh , the way I normally like to rig mine up , you know , everybody knows how to tie on it .

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So we'll try to do it here on the video really quick .

Sometimes it's a little bit difficult doing it with this big old chatter bait .

But , you know , is one of the oldest knots around for fishermen .

We've been using it for Lord knows how many years and what we'll do is we'll run it through one time .

Get up here in the light where we can see what we're doing .

Run it back through .

Then all you do after that is you go over and under , you take your loop , go down and let that cover that loop all the way over the top of the , then you just c it down .

Everybody knows how to do a poly or not .

I shouldn't really have to tell you so .

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And if you don't know how to do a Paar Night , there's thousands of ads on youtube how to do so .

But one and the final last thing , something I've started using here lately is liquid mayhem .

I haven't used liquid mayhem .

Uh But maybe now just for a short period of time , I've , I've gotten a lot of good uh reviews on it from other fishermen and everything and I started using it .

So I'm just gonna put this out here to y'all guys .

If y'all guys don't use liquid uh liquid mayhem , pick you up your tube of this and put it up any of your baits man , it's amazing .

I've been doing some finesse fishing and it has doubled the amount of strikes in the fish I've caught .

So I just wanted to put that plug in for liquid mayhem .

So , if you have any more questions about fishing a chatter bait , in fact , you might be able to leave me some comments on some ways you fish it and I'll take your advice and hopefully some of the advice that I've given you today will help you .

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And if you've got different types of trailers you used , I'll take those comments as well .

But I hope this video was a little bit better than the first one if you saw the first one .

And uh as always , I hope you enjoyed the video .

Please take a minute to like this video , share this video .

And if you're not a subscriber , please take a moment to , to subscribe to Bama's Outdoors .

We'll be putting out other videos soon with the kayak .

That's gonna give me access to getting around to more lakes and things like that .

Uh because I've been primarily fishing from the bank and you know , when you fish from the bank , you're really limited to what you can do .

So again , thank you for watching and as always happy fishing .


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