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2023-08-07 14:11:18

DIY Tie Dye With Me (Quarantine Activity!) _ NATURAL Way to Dye Your Clothes at Home

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Hey guys , welcome to style Tra .

I hope you guys are doing well , Sri So for this video , I'm gonna tie dye three of my t-shirts and we're gonna make the dye at home because you can't really get any dyes out there .

So , and I've been seeing these really cute tie dye crop tops and hoodies online and can them .

So I thought of doing this Diy and sharing it with you guys because both in the house and in the house bored .

So without any further ado , let's get started for the first day .

I , I I've taken six cups of water to which I'm gonna add one spoon of Turmeric and one spoon of salt and then I'm gonna leave it until the water boils while that is happening .

I'm gonna take the t-shirt that I'm going to die today .

So I've taken this plain white t-shirt and you guys must have seen me wear this like a million times in my videos or in my photos .

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So I'm gonna keep the t-shirt in a bowl of water first .

Then I'm gonna fold it horizontally and then taking a few rubber bands .

I'm gonna tie them at equal distances after that's done .

And we have a boiling turmeric water .

I'm gonna dip the t-shirt and leave it for about 5 to 6 hours in it , the rest of the t-shirt , but the t-shirt is not actually cotton .

So I'm very skeptical about the color of staying on after I actually wash the t-shirt .

So just to be sure I'm gonna dip this t-shirt in a colorful solution for about an art and again , print it off and this is the final result .

I absolutely love this one .

Like the yellow is exactly how I wanted it to be and it just looks so summery and so cool .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This first Diy was a complete success and now going on to the second one , the second one is pretty basic and common .

So I've taken a plain black t-shirt and I'm gonna dip it in water first , then starting from the center of the t-shirt , I'm gonna swoll it and then just to secure the cinnamon bun looking t-shirt , I'm gonna take a few rubber bands and tie it around after that's done .

I'm gonna pour this R bleach on the t-shirt .

This one actually took a lot of time to discolor .

So this is what it was looking after 20 minutes .

So I kept the whole thing for about 2.5 hours before rinsing it .

I'm sure the time period for the bleach depends on the fabric structure as well .

Like I've seen fabrics bleach instantly as soon as you pour bleach over it and , well , sometimes you just have to wait for about 2.5 hours and this is the final result .

I'm pretty happy with this one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The tie dye pattern is a very basic small pattern , but it overall looks really , really good .

And I just wanted the bleach to actually accentuate the t-shirt more .

So I left it on for a longer period of time .

But if you want that strong orange color , you can keep it for a lesser period of time and just see how it works for your t-shirt .

And for the final Diy , I've taken one liter of water and some onion peels , which I was saving up for a week for this Diy .

I'm gonna put these in the water and wait until the water boils and extract the peel pigments .

So like the previous two , I'm gonna wanna dip the t-shirt in water first and then move on with the procedure .

If you're wondering why I actually dip the t-shirts in water first before going on with the procedure .

That is because it just helps the dye spread all over for this t-shirt .

I want that crunchy tie dye look .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna start gathering my t-shirt like soap and continue doing it all over .

I'm not going to tie this very tightly like I did with the previous two t-shirts .

Otherwise it is just gonna mess up the whole crunchy thing now that the t-shirt is ready to dye and the water is also boiling .

I can see this beautiful rust orange color .

I'm gonna take out the onion peels and then dip the t-shirt in the , I'm gonna leave it for about 5 to 6 hours and rinse it off .

I didn't really do the color fix step for this one because the t-shirt was cotton and I didn't feel the need to do it .

And this is the final look .

This is not what I expected , but I think it looks pretty decent .

I went ahead and propped up the t-shirt because I love how cute crop tops are and added this probably overthinking writing over it .

I managed to make another pop up out of the remaining t-shirt as well and I think I love this one .

So that is it for today's video .

I hope you guys enjoyed it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was so much fun tidying these t-shirts and I hope you guys tried this as well .

So if you like this video , then please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already .

And if you recreate these , then do send me pictures on my Instagram or on my Facebook .

All my social media links are down in the description box and I will see you all in my next video .


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