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7 Steps to make her want to kiss you

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OK .

I know that title is a little bit weird .

You're not gonna force her .

I'm , you're gonna manipulate a weird word .

You're gonna psychologically nudge her to want to kiss you .

I'm telling you this .

This will work starting with number one , I need you to treat them lips , especially with winter .

I'm out here walking , seeing some of you looking like you're cocaine addicts , bro .

You got white all over your lips .

They're cracked and chopped .

I promise you no girl .

I don't care how attractive .

I don't care how smooth your Riz is .

This girl will never want to kiss you if your lips look like sandpaper , treat the lips and it's not even that hard , bro .

I'm not telling you to go .

I'm not even telling you to spend a lot of time after you brush your teeth , grab your toothbrush , clean it off and then just gently use the bristles to brush off all that dead skin .

Then right before you step out in the morning , put on a little lip balm .

That's , that's , that's literally it .

And I promise you you've gotten one step closer to becoming kissable .

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Number two , trim the beard .

You know , you know , a beard is powerful , you know , a beard makes you look more attractive .

The problem is you've let it grown like a mad man .

A beard needs to be maintained trim .

And at the end of the day study after study have , have looked into multiple beard types and the beard that looks the best is usually the stuff with the ones that , that's low because a woman really just wants to see that you're , you're that high test man .

But they , they still want you to look trim and hygienic .

But if you got your beard where the hair is growing onto your lip , you can literally taste your hair every time you eat .

What do you think she's gonna be tasting every time she kiss you ?

Do you think that it is appetizing to her ?

No , I'm not telling you to shave down your beard .

I'm telling you to trim it down , right ?

Keep it hygienic , right ?

Keep it out of your lips and you're one step closer and that's why we've , yo , that's why we designed our new heat trimmer .

I could not tell you how many times God , I've been telling us how , how long is it gonna be till we drop our new trimmer from ?

He me , it's here , bro .

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It's here and like you always know we weren't gonna do something basic , right ?

It wasn't just gonna be a trimmer .

It was gonna be a good ass trimmer .

Plus we made it a vacuum .

So it's a trimmer vacuum and one .

So now when you shave , you're not only making sure you look good , you're keeping your entire area as clean as possible .

Because when you shave , our trimmer has a built in vacuum that sucks up all your beard clippings and one fell soup , you can just dump it in the trash can and you look good without any mess all over the place .

Take you to number three have clean breath .

I cannot stress this enough .

Most of you don't even know that your breath stinks .

Here's a quick breath test .

Grab your wrist , lick it like go do a deep lick like from the top of your tongue to the bottom .

Smell .

That that's crummy .

I , I , I'm , I'm getting chills from the other side of the camera .

That's disgusting , bro .

The problem with most of you is that you don't have a good oral routine .

You need to not only floss and brush your teeth , you need to clean that tongue off .

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All that white gunk you see in your tongue , that's all bacteria .

That's all that bad breath that you're not even smelling that she's gonna get .

So when you start getting in her personal space , you think you're about to win and the breath is crusty .

You've lost , bro .

That girl is gonna start tightening up quicker than all the work that you just put into play just to get this close and you'll never get a second chance clean breath is important .

Boys , I'm gonna hook , this is so important .

I'm about to eat up with some of my profits .

You already know we have an electric toothbrush , right ?

And the toothbrush , not only is it be because it's electric , it's more efficient at removing plaque gives you that white smile , but it's also efficient at cleaning your tongue .

I'm gonna do , I'm gonna do an offer our new beard trimmer , our new electric toothbrush .

It's a killer duo , right ?

Everybody should have it in their bathroom and it also just looks sexy in your bathroom .

They're matte black , super sleek .

Our new do kit also super sleek .

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You're gonna get all three the dot kit to put your tools in boom , boom , boom .

I'm gonna give you 50% off right now .

You get all three as a bundle , making sure you look as kissable as possible at all times .

Plus I don't want you to break the bank if you guys wanna check it out .

Click that link down below , right ?

Number four .

Make sure there was some sort of light touching before you go in for the kiss .

If you really want to get her to kiss you , if you really want to manipulate her to think , man , I can't wait to kiss this guy .

I can't wait for him to make the first move .

Touch her first .

This is the best way to test the waters and also get her thinking exactly what you're thinking .

You both wanna kiss to do that .

You have to start touching it , touch your arm , touch your shoulder , touch her thigh , touch the back of her .

You wanna start getting a little bit touchy and notice how she reacts .

Right .

Don't just don't be a freaking dog and dive in there every time you touch , read the body .

Is she tensing up ?

Is she laughing ?

Right ?

Is she getting closer every time you touch if she's doing that ?

That's a clear sign .

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You're getting her thinking what you want and that's what takes me to number five .

You got to , you got to uh you gotta correctly .

What that means is you ain't just gonna force yourself in there , right ?

You ain't gonna just dive in , bro .

Even after all the touching , even after you notice things are good , right ?

When you go in , I always remember this iconic movie .

I was a lad .

I was a little boy , right ?

I was getting trained .

I was probably like 10 hitch .

You go in 90 .

She comes in 10 .

It's never failed me and it'll never fail you .

Maybe not 90 10 .

I would say like 70 30 .

What that means is even after all the positive signs , you go in and then make her kiss you .

That's the point of this video .

After you've done all this stuff , you've psychologically gone into her head , you have to do this correctly .

So when you step in notice her body language .

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So if you get that close to her and she doesn't tense up , she doesn't move back , none of that .

But instead she's still smiling .

She's looking down maybe a little bit shy .

I'm , I'm hooking it up for you , bro .

Number six .

If you're still unsure .

Right .

You've done all this and Jose , I can't read her body .

I have no idea what the hell is going on .

If you're insured , kiss the cheek , kiss the hand , it's a safer way to go that way .

You're not like completely just diving in there and just getting horribly rejected .

So if you really can't read the room at all , which if you can't , I don't understand how .

But if you can't kiss the hand , right ?

You can grab her hand , boom , kiss on the hand , super lightweight .

If you notice like her to do like a quick like pull back , there's your answer , right ?

If you would have done it on the mouth , you would have got slapped , right ?

You could do kiss the cheek and also depending on culture , it's not too bad , right ?

If you're with Latinos or Latinas , it's super like super casual to kiss the cheek .

So you have to understand and read the room .

Kiss other body parts other than the mouth .

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If you're unsure if you can go for the kiss , which ultimately rolls with me to number seven , you just gotta be comfortable , bro .

Like this stuff while I'm trying to help you out here to get her to kiss you .

Yeah , it comes with practice .

Right .

You have to do it more and more and more and the more you do it , the more comfortable you're going to get , the better you're going to get at reading the room , but you have to get comfortable .

The more tense you are , the more tense she gets .


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