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2023-08-06 16:13:50

How to Clean Your Sneakers - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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Hey guys , this is Fabian from and this is our guide on how to clean your sneakers while certain fabrics like sued or mesh often require special treatment .

This is our general guide to cleaning more versatile materials like leather and canvas .

Before you start cleaning your sneakers , you're gonna need the following a regular towel , a brush of some sort cleaning solution .

A toothbrush for hard to reach places , weatherproofing , spray , whitening , toothpaste , an extra set of laces , magic sponges , a microfiber towel , quick wipes , a small bowl of hot water , your dirty sneakers and an apron or old clothes .

You don't mind getting dirty before you dive right into cleaning your sneakers .

You're gonna want to set up your station .

Chefs call this , remove the laces .

You will clean them separately .

If necessary to begin .

You wanna remove any excess dirt by knocking the soles of your shoes together and using a soft brush or damp towel to rub off any remaining dirt .

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This will already improve most surface level scuffs and stains .

You can also spot clean the sneakers by using a quick wipe of your choice .

Quick wipes are perfect for on the go situations .

Our pro tip , a dab and twist motion will help lift whatever stain you're tackling .

Depending on the material , quick wipes should get most sneakers looking fresh in a matter of minutes .

If they require further attention , you'll want to deep clean them .

Do this by dipping your brush into hot water and pouring some cleaning solution onto it .

Note that instructions will vary depending on what brand or type of solution you use .

Apply the brush to the upper of your sneaker and gently scrub back and forth .

Working up a ladder is essential .

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So those bubbles can get to work , rinse the brush and reapply cleaner whenever necessary , use your toothbrush for hard to reach places and spot cleaning another pro tip .

If you're cleaning white canvas , like on these vans authentic use a small dab of whitening toothpaste which will leave the canvas porcelain white , use the microfiber towel to remove excess soap and suds and inspect your work again .

A dab and twist motion will help dry the fabric and simultaneously lift the stain .

Microfiber towels are great because of their durability , meaning they can be used over and over again .

If there's still some dirt to be removed , repeat the process by rinsing off the brush , adding more cleaning solution and hot water to it and scrubbing the upper .

Your regular towel can serve to wipe down the shoe or keep your workstation clean and dry .

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Once you're happy with the upper , you can now move to your Mitzel .

These are usually relatively easy to clean in comparison to the upper pro tip before you use your brush and cleaning solution .

Break out a magic sponge , just add a bit of water onto them and lightly start scrubbing away .

The magic sponges should make light work of any dirt and stains left on your mid .

So if you feel you need a deeper clean , get your brush and cleaning solution ready , lather up your brush and scrub them until they are sufficiently clean .

Use the microfiber towel to partially dry them off .

Finally move on to your laces .

You can clean them in the washing machine or by scrubbing them with a toothbrush and cleaning solution .

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Our pro tip though would be just to use a fresh pair of laces .

It's cheap and a much easier way to get your shoes looking fresh .

Again , if you can't get rid of some of the stains on the soles or upper , a fresh pair of white laces will make all the difference once done .

Leave the sneakers out to air dry overnight when everything is dry and you've re laced your cakes , take some weatherproofing spray and give your sneakers a good spray .

Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle as it can differ from brand to brand , this will keep your sneakers fresh for longer without needing a deep clean .

And that was our step by step guide on how to clean your sneakers be sure to like , comment and subscribe for more sneaked content and guides by high .

Does that too ?

They have particles in it ?

Yeah .

Another pro tip .

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Make sure to use white toothpaste and not blue like we did .


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