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2023-08-07 14:28:11

Homemade Chocolate Popcorn Recipe 🍿🍿

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Hi , friends .

Welcome to Vidia Cooking Channel .

This is via Lakshmi .

Today , I'm gonna be showing you how I prepare chocolate popcorn .

We can prepare this in a jeffy and serve this for birthday parties or you can prepare it and treat your kids now and then .

So I've used quite a cup of popcorn seeds for this recipe .

Double the amount of grated chocolate .

You can use milk chocolate or you can use dark chocolate .

It's up to you .

I'll prepare the popcorn first .

I've heated a walk on high flame .

Now I'll be adding uh five tablespoons of oil .

We'll add the popcorn seeds and fry the popcorn seeds and the oil .

You can also use butter , half the amount of butter , half the amount of oil I've added uh just a pinch of salt and uh fried the popcorn on high flavor .

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Now , I'll place a tight fitting lid on that walk .

We'll cook the popcorn until it stops to sputter .

Now , the popcorn is ready .

You can serve it as it is .

It's very nice and tempting uh for the caramel popcorn .

Also , I prepared the popcorn in the same way .

Now , while the popcorn is warm .

I've removed it from the flame .

I've added chocolate in batches , grated chocolate in batches and mixed it .

We have to combine the chocolate evenly and uh mix the popcorn .

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Apart from this recipe , I've posted many other recipes .

Now , I have spread the chocolate popcorn in a plate and refrigerated it for a few seconds .

Once the chocolate is set , the popcorn is ready , you can separate the popcorn and serve it .

You have to prepare this and serve this immediately .

You cannot store this popcorn as it tends to get soggy .

So prepare this fresh and serve it fresh .

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I'll be seeing you soon with the next recipe video .

This is via Lakshmi .

Thank you so much for watching , bye-bye .


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