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2023-08-07 14:26:19

Milk and sugar popcorn - Homemade on a stove top without machine

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So our popcorn is ready made with sugar and milk .

That is the empty pot .

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Don't go anywhere as we start making this popcorn right here and right now , so I'm going to make popcorn with sugar and milk added .

I have posted something similar , but today , I'm going to show you the best method of doing this and we are going to pop this corn on the stove top in a cooking pot .

So I'm going to start with the oil in the pot .

This is my pot on the stove .

There's nothing in the pot , it's empty .

So I'm going to drop oil in there .

It is a spoon of oil .

This is ok , but I will just drop a little bit more .

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Uh Let me take two tablespoons of oil .

That's ok .

Then I add my popcorn to the oil .

So I'll mix it .

The popcorn is not much .

I just want a liter just to sit on the bottom of the pot .

Then I'll put my lid and turn on the heat .

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So I've put the lid , I'm just going to sit down and wait until I hear the popping sound .

Once the corn starts popping , I know it's time to check and see before we can add our milk and sugar .

That is my milk and sugar waiting by the stove .

So let's just wait until it starts popping .

I can hear some popping sounds coming from the port .

So let's check .

Let me just see how this one is popping .

It's really poppy .

Let's see .

Let me check the bottom of the pot .

See from grain and then a bit more live in proper .

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The popping sound is I don't want the corn to , to get , you can see this fun .

Ok .

Everything is popped right now .

So the next thing is to turn off the heat .

I don't want the sugar to get burned .

So I'm going to turn off the heat and then pour in the sugar into the popped cone , put the sugar in there .

Instead , the font is the pot is a heavy base pot .

So it's still very hot .

The heat in the pot is enough to just melt the sugar into the popcorn .

Can you see the sugar is melted already ?

That is a big down there .

Sugar is melted .

I'll just share it does .

It makes sense .

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You can see the popcorn clumped together because of the sugar .

No sugar has melted and it's in a hot pan .

If I wanted to make caramelized popcorn , like the one I've already posted on this channel .

If I wanted caramelized popcorn , I would just put on the fire .

Turn it on low heat and let the sugar brown a little .

But today we are not making caramelized Pop control .

The sugar is already in there and put it .

It looks sticky and there's no heat .

I don't want brown .

Pop control .

The heat is off to get this .

You have to use a heavy base pot .

The heavy base pot that retains heat .

Apple corn is ready .

It's ready .

Yeah , nothing left to do .

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This is the popcorn .

Everything is popped .

That is the bottom of the pot .

So to add the sugar , I don't want to add the sugar in the pot .

So I'm just going to pour it into a bowl and now the sugar is still very sticky .

It could just stick into the milk when I pour it on there .

So our popcorn on the stove is ready .

Let's empty it into the bowl because it's like one big one right now .

It's still very hot .

He still hot at this time that he is still hot .

He's going to add the sugar .

So our popcorn with sugar and milk is ready .

Shake it just shake .

The milk is going right down as we are shaking .

So that is it .


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