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2023-08-09 09:54:54

How to Tie The Cape Knot For Your Necktie

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Hi , I'm Patrick Novotni .

This is my youtube channel and uh I'm gonna be doing uh every single how to tie a neck tie knot video uh known to men .

So , subscribe if you want .

Now today , what I'm gonna be covering is the Cape Knot , the Cape Nut .

I first seen it done by Alex Crosley .

Super awesome youtube channel .

Check it out .

Uh And here it is a little bit of a closer look .

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Let's get started .

I'm gonna show you how it's done .

So let's get started .

It's another one of those knots that's uh tied with the little end .

So we're gonna adjust the , the big end uh where we like it .

So I like having it just a little bit past my belly button and I wanna make sure that it finishes uh sort of uh right above my belt line would be great .

All right .

So let's have a closer look .

So first thing we're gonna going to do is take the big end , we're gonna pinch it .

So we have our dimple at the end of our knot .

So we're gonna keep that , we're gonna take the little end , we're gonna cross it over the top and we're gonna tuck this little end up through the top of the tie and across from which it came .

And , uh , now we're gonna go around the back and around the front .

OK ?

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And from there we're gonna go back up through the tie , stay on the same side .

And now we're gonna come back around , but now we're gonna keep it loose .

So , coming around the back now through the front of the top of the tie and see , I've got this big loop .

I wanna stick the little end through the loop and pull it down and that'll tighten up our cape knot so I can pull on with my fingers a little bit to adjust that and tighten it up .

Four .

I'm ready to snog it up to my shirt .

All right , from here , we're gonna hold it with one hand , the knot and we're gonna pull on the big end to tighten it up .

There we go .

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Smile .

Pat yourself on the back .

You've just done the cape knot .

It was that easy .

My name is Patrick Novo .

This is my youtube channel and I'm covering every necktie knot known to men making how to videos for them .

Subscribe if you want to .

Thanks .


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