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Chicken Masala Breyani - Cornish _ #chickenbreyani #cornishbreyani #perimaskitchen

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Hi , everyone and welcome to kitchen .

I am Selena .

My daughter is Shiva and today we're making chicken masala Biyani .

I specifically am using cornish curry pieces today .

Both my chicken masala Biyani and my Mushin masala Biyani is different to my other Biyani recipes .

It is more concentrated in comparison and I generally love those strong robust flavors and therefore it is one of my favorites and I'm so happy I get to share it with you .

Let's get to it .

The most important part of any Biyani is our marinade .

You can do it the night before you need 500 mL of sour milk or mass .

Next , I'm adding two teaspoons of cumin powder .

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That's our jira followed by two teaspoons of roasted powder .

That's our coriander , a teaspoon of so which is our fennel .

A teaspoon of masala , a level teaspoon of avocado powder .

A teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of yellow coloring .

That's our egg yellow , followed by our masala .

I'm adding three tablespoons of masala and I'm using everyday masala that followed by two tablespoons of Kashmiri chili powder .

I'm using hot , but you can use mild or hot .

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You can also add your ginger and garlic as well as your Biyani mix and even your salt now , but I will add it a little later .

All the quantities are in the description below .

If you want to add it prior , it is 1.5 teaspoons of Biyani mix , two teaspoons of ginger and garlic and a heaped tablespoon of fine salt .

I'm adding my beautiful cornish pieces and I want to rub that all in all that marinade in .

I'm a visual person .

So I need to see the quantities before I add my salt and ginger and garlic .

But I've worked it out for you .

It's two teaspoons of ginger and garlic and a heaped tablespoon of fine salt .

You can also add 1.5 teaspoons of ground Biyani mix .

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I'm also gonna add whole spices when I'm cooking and then give it a final rub .

And as I mentioned , you can also prepare this the night before or at least an hour prior to your cooking .

I'm adding two heaped tablespoons of ge and once my gee is hot , I'm going to start adding my Biyani mix .

I'm just gonna go through it with you .

I got half a teaspoon of some seeds , half a teaspoon of jira seedss , three cloves , two star cinnamon sticks , bay leaves , cardamom pods , my lai pods make sure it's broken and one black .

Now let it sizzle in the oil .

I'm now adding my thyme and curry leaves .

If it's still wet , please .

Dab it with some roller towel before you add it to your hot oil .

Is it good ?

Thanks .

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We do next .

I'm adding three green chilies and one large onion that I've sliced .

You can turn down your heat but let all of your whole spices fry up in the oil and when your onions are slightly translucent , I'm gonna add half a teaspoon of turmeric , followed by three jam tomatoes which I've diced and half a teaspoon of sugar or any sweetener of your choice .

We can now close our lid and let our onions , our whole spices and our tomatoes simmer for 5 to 10 minutes .

It's now ready and we can start adding our beautifully marinated chicken , our cornish pieces .

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Make sure to add all of that lovely marinade left over in your bowl as well .

Mix all those incredible whole spices into your marinated chicken cornish will take longer to cook .

I'm going to leave it now for approximately an hour .

We can check up on it occasionally .

And while it's cooking on a low to medium heat , I'm going to show you how I prepare my rice and my lentils .

I've washed 2.5 cups of long grained basmati rice .

I'm now adding my boiling water and because most of my basmati rice won't be added to my chicken Biyani mixture .

I need to infuse some flavor and spices into the rice itself .

I add a couple of bay leaves some broken cardamom pods .

That's my and a few cinnamon sticks .

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Half a teaspoon of turmeric and salt to taste your basmati rice will be ready way before your cornish is .

So , make sure you check up on it .

We're going to now move on to the lentils .

I've washed and cleaned 200 g .

That's less than a cup of lentils .

My doll or Brian doll .

I've added boiling water .

Next , I'm adding a quarter teaspoon of turmeric as well as some cinnamon sticks and you can play around with it .

Sometimes I add mint or thyme my salt to taste and we're gonna let our lentils boil .

Moving back to my boss , Mattie Rice .

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I've drained any water and I'm adding approximately three big spoonfuls of basmati rice to my bowl and approximately a teaspoon and a half of egg yellow coloring .

You can even use saffron if you want to mix it all in and set it aside .

We're going to use it towards the end of our Biyani .

When we're layering , my lentils are ready .

I've drained them .

I'm adding half of my portion to the rice and the other half , I'm going to keep it for the cornish mixture , the chicken mixture and give it a slight mix .

So it's evenly distributed into your rice .

We can now check up on our cornish masala .

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It's been approximately an hour .

Thus far , we are now ready to add our potatoes .

I'm adding five potatoes that I've halved .

Make sure to pierce your potatoes with a knife .

So they cook evenly as I'm not adding any water if you want to or need to add a dash of boiling water .

Please do so ensure that your potatoes are slightly submerged inside all of that gravy so it can absorb that tremendous flavor .

With my other biryani .

I do prefer to have a roasted potato or even a fried potato or baked potato .

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But in a cornish masala biryani , one of my favorite things is when the potato absorbs all that mouthwatering flavors , add salt to taste and we're gonna let it cook now for a further half an hour , stay 20 minutes to half an hour until your potatoes are ready .

It's been approximately 30 minutes .

The potatoes are ready .

I'm now drizzling some fresh cream and this adds to the moisture of your cornish masala Biyani .

So try this if you want to .

Next .

I'm adding my mint fresh coriander .

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Next , I'm going to add all the lentils , the balance of the lentils that I set aside , scoop everything onto your biryani .

And once you're done , carefully , mix some of that lentils into that luscious fragrant gravy .

How delicious does that look ?

Next ?

We're gonna add our Basmati rice .

I'm only adding about four or five spoonfuls of basmati rice .

So a quarter of the total that are boiled and your basmati rice together with your lentils will absorb all of that vibrant luscious spicy flavor , which essentially gives it that cornish masala taste .

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And if you want , you can even give it a slight mix without breaking your potatoes .

I'm now adding a portion of my colored rice .

My egg yellow rice , I will add the remainder of it to my basmati rice , my yellow bass ma rice to do .

And this is purely for aesthetics .

It does make your Biyani look so much more appetizing and tempting .

You can even add any extra coriander or mint that you have .

And finally , I've melted approximately three tablespoons of butter .

I'm adding half of it to the plain basmati rice with the lentils and the balance of the butter .

I'm drizzling it onto my cornish masala Biyani .

You can also add a dash of boiling water if you wish and let it steam for approximately 10 minutes on a low heat .

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The aroma is absolutely magical .

You can serve your cornish chicken biryani with some rice on the side and some refreshing and don't forget to add one of those yummy melting potatoes .

Cornish masala biryani is packed with flavor .

So if you ever feel like you need some extra rice , you can always add it .

And because the ratio of rice to masala is flexible , you can address everybody's preferences , guaranteeing that everyone will love it .

If you try this recipe , please let me know .

I'll be so excited to hear from you .

All the ingredients used will be found in the drop down .

Description below .

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I upload every single week , please like and share and your comments are always welcome .

Thank you very much and see you again soon in kitchen .

I am Selena .


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