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2023-08-08 06:59:59

প্যাকেট মসলার চিকেন বিরিয়ানি • চিকেন বিরিয়ানি _ Chicken Biryani _ Chicken Biryani Recipe

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6.66 --> 335.85

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रामनाथ पहने तीन चार चम्मच तिल दे दी थी ।

ऍम प्याज की थी ।

मैंने प्याज भेजी थी , कॅश ना आए डेढ दो मिनिट मुँह मीडिया में देखी थी ।

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Hi guys , subscribe to my channel and click on the bell icon to get the notifications as we upload one new recipe every day .

Hello , viewers .

Welcome to home cooking with me .

Maman .

Today is a recipe is a very special biryani and it is made using a clay pot .

Now , I'm sure it's something new for you .

Well , let's get started and check out the ingredients and see how this entire biryani is made .

So I have about 1 kg of chicken here .

So we're gonna add a few ingredients to the marinade starting with turmeric powder .

One teaspoon chili powder , about 3 to 4 teaspoons .

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फॅस फॅस एकदम बीस मिनट पर ढकना तो लेनी बीस मिनिट ।

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डोमिनिक एकदम परफेक्ट चमत्कार फ्लेवर देखो एकदम परफॅार्म ।


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