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2023-08-06 15:53:17

Ree Drummond's Waffle Maker Hash Browns _ The Pioneer Woman _ Food Network

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Waffle maker , hash browns .

I've got some frozen hash browns and I let them thaw and I kind of broke them up and separated them and I'm gonna mix in some melted butter .

Yeah , salt and pepper .

Very , very simple .

You can see that the hash browns are pretty dry even with the melted butter .

That's because after I thawed them and broke them up , I put them in between paper towels and really squeezed out the excess water .

That way the hash browns will get nice and crispy .

Those are all mixed together .

Now , I'm gonna build the waffle maker .

Hash browns .

I've got the waffle maker preheated .

It's on medium heat .

I don't want to burn the potatoes and I'm gonna spray the waffle maker really well with non stick cooking spray just to give myself a fighting chance .

And then I'll grab a half cup measure and see how that quantity is for each .

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Well , I think that is gonna be just right .

So I'll stick the hash browns in first and then I'll get to work .

I want to spread them out .

You really need to work it right from the beginning and get them all distributed .

Oh my gosh .

I'll bet these are gonna be so good cheese .

Of course , I'm gonna add some cheddar .

So I'm just doing a nice light layer .

It's probably the only time in my life I've ever added a nice light layer of cheese .

And by the way , light is a relative term .

Ok .

I'm also gonna add some meat .

I've got the thin deli ham that I used in the omelet and I wanna put it pretty much where it's gonna stay because this stuff is not gonna move around once I shut the waffle maker .

Ok .

Last one .

And then I'll put hash browns right on top .

I'm not gonna stick quite as many on the top layer .

Ok ?

Up close the waffle maker .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , listen to that sizzle .

I'm gonna let him go for 15 minutes and then we'll see where we're up to .

I am so excited to see what these hash browns look like .

I'm in love .

Absolutely in love .

They smell so good .

Here we go .

Oh my gosh .

They're so crispy and sizzling .

And one is definitely not gonna be enough .

I'm gonna get another one .


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