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2023-08-07 14:23:50

Cleaning Secrets - Running Shoes! (How to Get Your Shoes Cleaner, Whiter & Brighter!) Clean My Space

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Running shoes are all the fashion rage these days .

And interestingly enough white sold running shoes are pretty darn fashionable .

The issue is white , sold running shoes get dirty really quick and can be a bit of a challenge to take care of .

So in order to get your running shoes in Jerry Seinfeld condition , I'm going to show you a few quick and easy clean tips on how you can bring your shoes back to looking beautiful .

Everybody wants to know how to clean their running shoes and I get this question a lot .

I would love to give you a one size fits all answer .

But unfortunately because not all shoes , shoe materials and shoe manufacturers are created equal .

There's not one easy answer , but what I can do is give you a couple of good pointers or starting places so that you can get your shoes as clean as possible .

Since white souls are sexy , I'm gonna show you exactly how to make sure that these look amazing all the time .

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So these are relatively new shoes for me .

They're not that messed up .

But if you look at these , they definitely have a little bit more wear in them .

So the way to get these absolutely clean is to make a solution of equal parts , baking soda and laundry detergent .

I'm using free and color free , but you can use whatever you feel good about using , mix that together in a bowl and then apply that to the stained area , using a cleaning toothbrush .

Now , you don't need too much product here just enough to make sure you can start agitating that dirt off .

So rub it a few times with the toothbrush .

Then you're going to use the sponge , rinse it with a little bit of cool water and pat it to dry .

You should see those stains come right off .

Here's a quick little cheat for you to keep your runners clean on the go .

If for whatever reason , you don't have access to the actual cleaning materials I just covered .

Get yourself one of these .

It's a white eraser .

You can pick it up at an art store or an office supply store .

Don't get a pink one or a custom shape or character .

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Just this one is exactly what you need , what you'll do and this will work on leather and this will work on rubber .

Just find the area that's affected A ka a little bit dirty and literally start erasing that stain the same way you would erase a long division homework issue that you have been having .

I know you're going to start carrying one of these around in your purse or your pocket .

I carry one around in my purse and my life has definitely been improved ever since .

There's no sense in having beautifully clean shoes if you're going to have really raunchy laces .

So what you can do is simply pretreat the dirty areas of the laces because God knows where these things have ended up .

You can use a bit of laundry detergent , a bit of dish detergent , a little bit of stain pret treater , whatever you got handy is fine , then just find yourself a delicate bag again .

This is why talk about them all the time .

You use them for absolutely everything .

Throw your laces into the delicate bag , wash them as you normally would and your laces will be good to go .

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Now , while they're washing , what you can do is clean the little area where the laces go , those little holes .

You can use a cleaning toothbrush with a little bit of laundry detergent and a little bit of water .

Give them a quick scrub and then sponge dry them and you'll be good if you notice that your shoes are crazy dirty because big surprise , you're one of the people that actually wears running shoes because you exercise .

What you can do is let those shoes dry entirely .

Then you're going to get yourself a cleaning toothbrush or perhaps a brush that's a little bit bigger .

I just don't have one handy and you're literally going to take your shoe and the brush and start dry , brushing that dirt off .

It's a lot easier to deal with once it's actually dry .

So let that all fall to the ground .

Once that's done , you'll have a little bit of dirt left and you can make a solution of a teaspoon of laundry detergent to about a cup of water .

Dip your cleaning toothbrush or a cleaning cloth or a sponge in that solution and then just lightly start to clean the dirty areas .

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The idea is you don't want to get the shoe too , too wet again .

Some shoes really can't sustain any water .

And then once that's done , you're going to take a clean sponge , you're going to take some clean water , you're going to rinse off any of those extra suds and then you're going to leave your shoe to dry .

Now , you're not putting it under artificial heat .

You're literally just letting it air dry and do its thing .

Now , interestingly , you can do the exact same thing for your sock liner .

If you notice that it is a little bit on the pungent side , you can take that mixture of laundry detergent and water , just scrub a cleaning toothbrush in that mixture and then start cleaning the soul , rinse it , well , lay that flat to dry and that should smell a lot better .

And if you want to be really special , you can Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on that while it dries overnight .

Now , we'll deal with the uncomfortable topic of foot odor and there's a really easy way to get rid of it .

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You can make your own foot powder and we have a video on that which I have a link down below this stuff I recommend using every day .

It's super simple to use .

The video explains exactly how to use it .

So definitely check that link out down there .

Just make sure that you always label your bag of foot powder because frankly bags with white powder in them make people uncomfortable .

And like I always say , if you want to actually clean your shoes at home , just check the manufacturer's website and see what they have to say about it .

And then you can sort of use what I just said as the guideline , combine that with what you read on the website , do your thing , make some cleaning magic .

And of course , I want to see what kind of cleaning magic you're getting up to .

So find me on Instagram .

I'm at Melissa Maker .

Of course , you can tag me the guy filming me right now and laughing at my terrible jokes .

He's at the Chad Reynolds and we are at clean my space .

This week's common question is for all of you , people who are interested somewhat in fashion or perhaps making fun of stupid fashion trends , not saying this is a stupid fashion trend .

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But I am curious to know , do you think wearing running shoes with like a pretty nice outfit is a good trend or do you think it's like totally weird and we all look silly and ridiculous .

Personally , I love the fact that I can now get away with wearing running shoes with a nice outfit because you know , I not gonna break my back , walking down the street , but I want to know what you guys think .

So let me know in the comments down below .

There's a button down there that lets me know you care .

So click it if you liked this video and click this button right here to subscribe and begin your journey to a cleaner life .

Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you next time .

Welcome to the very end of our video .

This is the time where I get to throw your attention to two very time videos .

So the first one is that Diy foot powder , I think you're gonna love it .

I've been using it for years and honestly , it is fabulous .

The next thing I want to show you is the video on how to clean your toms or canvas shoes or heads or converse or any of those types of shoes .

That video is over there .

I think you're gonna love it .

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It's really straightforward and it helps get those shoes look brand new , kind of like what we just did today .

Thanks again and I'll see you guys next week .


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