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2023-08-06 16:22:10

How to make Jiffy Pop Style Popcorn without Burning It

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OK , I'm gonna make Jiffy Pop and show you how to make Jiffy pop without burning it because I've burnt a lot of jiffy pop .

And based on my experiences , I've kind of figured out how to do it a little bit better .

And of course , I always , uh , take off the , the top of the jiffy pop here .

Now , one trick that I found with Jiffy Pop is that , uh , you should put on the heat maximum .

I'd put it on medium here .

Um , that's kind of the , the trick because often I want my popcorn now and I get in a rush and I'll turn it up a lot higher .

And of course , that helps heat up the , the container here initially .

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But that's not what , uh , that's not where you can have as much control and get it off the burner in time in order to , to prevent any , uh , any popped kernels in the bottom .

And that's what we're trying to avoid because nothing's worse than ruining your Jiffy pop with some Burt kernels in the bottom .

So , first , right now we're letting it warm up here , it looks like burger has to get up the heat here .

But this is , this is kind of the , the tradeoff .

You gotta wait a little while .

It's good to put your burner on medium .

Let it , let it get , um let it slowly get warmed up .

Give those kernels a chance to warm up so that it can expand and , and pop all at the same time .

So this is kind of the waiting game .

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Then of course , when , when you start to hear it bubble a little bit , then you need to start agitating and shaking the , the jiffy pop .

So I'm gonna pause the camera and I'll pick up when it starts at that point .

This probably waited about 45 seconds or may , maybe a minute .

And I just hear a little bit of bubbling .

So if you listen really closely , you can hear it and it's just starting to bubble and I usually just give it a few shakes at this point .

You'll hear a little bit more of , of the , the song .

But I , I don't , I'm not worried right yet at this point about about agitating it too much .

I don't think the kernels are gonna burn that that quickly , you know , when they're not ex exploded or popped yet .

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So I just , you know , I give it a little agitating just to kind of get the , get the oils spread around a little bit .

But this will take a , a little while too and it's , it's about being patient and not trying to rush the process because so many times I've turned it up past medium in order to try to hurry the process along .

And that's , that's where I just need to leave it at , at medium .

And , uh , the results turn out much better that way and it'll pop .

You know , I , I was concerned originally about , you know , running in a medium that , uh , it wouldn't pop but , uh , it , it will eventually pop and you can hear it .

It's making a noise now that , you know , the , the instructions , you know , say to put it at medium high .

And uh and I don't do that .

It seems like every time I tried it on medium high , that's why I'm running into trouble .

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So now , now you can start to see the steam coming out of the top .

You know , things are getting a little bit warmer , a little bit of moistures starting to cook out of the , the kernels here and we should start hearing a pop here in a , in a little bit .

Mm .

There's a pot .

Now , this is where I start to be a little more concerned about keeping , keeping it agitated , especially when it starts popping , make it .

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And I always try to leave the , the , the container on top of the uh on top of the burner .

So the heat transfers if you pull it off , I think the temperature dropped pretty quickly and they kind of interrupted the popping action .

So I leave it right on top of the burner .

Give a few shakes now and again .

Now you can see it's fully inflated , but the curdles are still popping .

So I don't usually quit until it slows down .

Just trying to shake it up a little bit though , to make sure the Curel get at the bottom .

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Now , you can see it's getting pretty full very soon .

The , the popping action mounts pretty much stopped .

So that , that's the key to stop .

And this is my trick .

I turn it upside down and get those extra kernels .

If there's a kernel or two or anything , I turn it upside down so that the , they're not sitting on the bottom of the pan now , just to show you that there's no burnt , burnt kernels .

I'll open it up here .

So you can see and now be careful here because it's always hot and you can easily burn yourself .

I'll just prove to you that there's really no burnt kernels in the most of that here .

A little smell it here .

It's a little hot .

But anyway , you can see in there , there's really no burnt kernels in the bottom of the pan .

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And so , uh , that's my goal is not to , not to have any uh burnt kernels in the and smell up , smell the popcorn .

So that's about it .

That's how I , I avoid , uh , burning popcorn when I cook a jiffy pop


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