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2023-08-07 14:43:11

Mother's Chicken Curry

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Yeah .

Yeah .

I'm remembering my mother's chicken curry .

Welcome to youtube .

My name is her pal Singh Soy .

And at Sing and cook , we are cooking mother's recipe , something which we all cherish , right .

When we were Children , we would love to sit besides the mother and then kind of look at what she was doing .

And this is something which is very close to my heart , very personal .

I miss that taste .

Of course , I'm trying to replicate that in youtube just for you .

So what do we require ?

First of all , my mother used to , you know , grind spices that were whole and then used in the recipe .

So I've got some coriander here around two large tablespoons of coriander , one tablespoon of cumin into this .

OK ?

She would use black cardamom .

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So you get a nice flavor .

This is very flavorful .

So I'm just adding four of them some bay leaf into this 23 bay leaf .

OK ?

She would definitely add peppercorn , peppercorn to this cinnamon around 2 to 3 pieces , not bigger than this size .

And let's dry roast this for some time .

This is something which she would really do .

You know all the spices .

She would roast and then grind it very passionately .

She would cook this curry and the flavors .

I still can't forget them .

So what I'm doing here , nice spices .

All of them whole , I'm like dry roasting them .

I don't want them to be colored , but just get that nice flavor out .

So this should not take more than 30 to 40 seconds .

Do not roast it on a high flame or anything on a high kind of , you know , burner or something like that .

So this should not be colored flavors are nice .

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Now , what I'm going to do is grind this up .

What a beautiful blender here .

So let me just grind them all the dry spices and that's the beauty of this curry , all the spices into the curry .

Beautiful .

Just remember our parents who very dearly taught all this and used to passionately cook food for us , especially in India .

I'm sure you will all agree this .

Yeah , anywhere in the world actually some time or the other , our parents must have done something good , feed us nice food and this is what I'm sharing with you .

So let me grind .

Now this is my sand , powdery , all flavors fresh .

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I'll not unlock it because I want all the flavors to be absolutely intact .

Next quickly , light this corner , let me pour some oil , ok , some generous helping of oil .

Actually 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil in this , she would definitely use a lot of oil and let the oil get heated up in the meanwhile , let me slice up some onions quickly quickly because the oil is heating up , you know , so onions sliced absolutely finely .

Yeah , this into the oil oil is hot .

Let me slice another one .

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You can slice 3 to 4 onions or chicken curry .

If you're making like a kilo of chicken , at least four onions are required .

So , onions here fast and quick .

That's what I am going and thanks to this knife .

Now , all the onions into this .

Some are getting brown .

Some are just add it now .

So you get a great flavor here .

So let me give a quick stir to this .

Now , something which I remember my mom would never do is brown the onions .

She would not brown the onions probably because browning the onions .

Wow , this is making me cry emotional caution .

Yeah , it's because of the onions and yes , it's because of my mother's recipe .

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So she would not actually brown the onions because that would require too much of oil , right ?

So she would just slice it and add to this and cook it until it is translucent .

Now , tomatoes , she would also not make fury of the tomatoes one probably because I feel we were all living in small villages during those days .

You did not get anything that was hybrid .

You used to get what we call is locally available .

Tomatoes that were locally grown .

You would get that .

Now , those tomatoes were a little tangier than what we have .

Now , they're not so sweet as these hybrid ones that we grow now .

Yeah .

While the onions get cooked translucent , my chopping of tomatoes is also over the onions .

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Now , getting lightly brown at this point , what I'm going to do is add the ginger and garlic paste .

So she would use one tablespoon of ginger and garlic paste separately , one tablespoon of each into the mixture and wow , sort of this for just around 30 seconds , the onions and ginger garlic cooked .

Now , what we'll do is add the tomatoes into this .

No purring of tomatoes .

That's important because one , when you Pury tomatoes , I feel you don't get a bright red color .

So don't curry tomatoes .

That's what my mother also never used to do .

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And I'm also not doing it because I want to show you something which is cooked my mother's style , you know , a tribute to my mother here and sharing of this recipe with all of you .

Beautiful .

So let this get cooked for some time .

Let's cover this up and let it get cooked until the tomatoes are absolutely mushy so that you get a nice gravy .

In the meanwhile , this is something which we had grown all spices that we had cooked here .

They're nice and coarse .

It's not a complete powder , beautiful flavor .

Now to this , my mom used to add ginger powder also .

So I'm adding half a teaspoon of ginger powder .

She used to add whole dried ginger to the caramel .

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So I'm adding dried ginger to this and mix this up , close it up because I don't want all the flavors to , you know , kind of run away from this beautiful blend of spices that I've made .

Let it be here .

Meanwhile , let's look at the tomatoes .

Let them get mushy , let them get cooked for some time .

Let us now check .

Tomatoes are nice and mushy .

Now they've almost cured here and you get a great taste when you use tomatoes like this .

So now what we'll do is add the rest of things , add some chili powder .

She would add a teaspoon of chili powder , two types of chilies gone inside .

Now , the black pepper and the red chili .

So now we have some turmeric , half teaspoon of turmeric sort to taste the salt inside .

Got some cream chilies also .

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She would add cream chilies , but chop it up just like this in a large way .

Green chilies inside this and let's sort this up .

Beautiful .

What I'm going to do is now I'm going to add the chicken to this .

So now let me cook the chicken together .

No water , just cook the chicken together with all the onions , tomatoes and spices , chicken , let it get cooked .

Meanwhile , I've got some coriander .

My mother definitely would add a lot of coriander .

Lots of coriander .

Let's chop this up and keep it aside while the chicken gets cooked here is the coriander saying the chicken getting cooked beautiful .

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Now we'll do is we'll add all these spices that I've grown .

So all spices here the little course .

But that's what the flavor is .

That's a beautiful flavor of the car masala , the coriander , cumin pepper , everything and in goes the dry spice here .

Wow , all of it inside the curry .

That's what she used to do .

Grind .

Only that much of spices that are required for the dish so that everything stays a fresh .

If you were to do this curry in your house , do follow the way I am doing here now .

Beautiful .

Suddenly this of flavors that have erupted from the chicken curry .

We'll cook for another 4 to 5 minutes before I add water to make a curry .

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So let this get cooked for 4 to 5 minutes becomes nice and good because the chicken would also leave its own juices and then we'll add water as required to make a curry , which is not very thin but not very thick also .

So let the chicken get cooked here .

Wow , divine flavors .

I must tell you .

And after sauteing it's just become too good .

You can just eat it like this .

But I am making my mother's chicken curry .

So to this at least three cups of water , let's bring this to a boil now .

Beautiful .

Now this chicken curry you see is not a very clean clean dish .

It's nice and coarse .

You see these spices , they're still coarse .

The onions are like whole and the tomatoes also like they got messy .

But most of the ingredients are really not in a fine texture form .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's because during my mother's days , we never used to have a blender , a chopper , they would grind everything in a stone , you know .

So that's why most of the things used to be coarse .

So let's cook this curry now and bring it to a boil till the time the chicken also gets cooked and the curry gets nice and beautiful .

The chicken curry is not cooked for around 10 minutes .

So let me give a stir .

Wow .

As you open the lid , what flavors and what flavors ?

I remember my mother beautiful fresh spices , cold curry , reminding me of my childhood days .

Finally , some coriander into this .

Lots of it because she would love to add coriander .

And that's because it also gives a nice fresh flavor to the curry .

Beautiful .

Wow .

I am amazed at the way this chicken curry has come out .

Let me just have a quick taste .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I tell you , I've gone back to my childhood taste .

Same taste , same flavors just too good .

You try it in your houses and let me know if you have remembered your days , childhood days chicken curry , a mother style just for you .


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