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2023-08-08 06:53:06

Simerjeet Singh on Interpersonal Skills for Introverts _ Improving Communication Skills

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Good morning , sir .

I apologize in advance because this is gonna be kind of a long question .

No problem .

I , I really appreciate you mentioning that you were shy .

You were a shy introverted kid because I was an am like that sort of , I'm still very introverted .

So that's very helpful in terms of concentration , concentrating on activities and learning new things .

But the problem occurs when I'm trying to develop like friendships and interpersonal relations and stuff .

So like for example , I will have , I will never initiate a conversation because I know that it's very unlikely that our interests will intersect .

So sorry .

May I interrupt you ?

Why would you come to that conclusion , conclusion that I will not initiate a conversation ?

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No , it , it's a block .

It's a confluence of factors .

It's a , it's a block .

It's a mental block .

Remember I spoke about mental blocks who's come up with this car .

I will not talk to anyone because I am , I can guarantee me risk can trust .

Um I don't like , it's also that I usually think that I don't have much to contribute .

That's , that's , that's the primary reason I usually like if people start talking to me .

I will definitely carry on the conversation .

I I'll be good at it but I'd rarely start a conversation .

So how do you develop interpersonal skills as an introvert ?

Who's not really good with these things ?

Thank you .

You may take a seat .

I will just say this is not an issue , by the way , is interpersonal skills coming in your room .

This is not a question of improving your interpersonal skills .

This is a question of removing a mental block .

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You mentioned two things on which I will elaborate .

Number one , you said , I don't initiate a conversation because I am pretty sure my interest and that person's interests are not going to match .

That's a mental block .

But number two , what you said is more alarming .

You said because I feel I will have nothing to contribute anyway , we all have something to give and add value .

Some there are , there will be people who will make , who will make fun of you at times who will not appreciate that conversation .

And there are people who are going to love that conversation .

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I I I'm into business , assume I'm into business and I have a product to sell egg , market , hedge products , market , market the product .

We agree disagree for a successful politician to win .

Assume there are 100 votes .

How many votes does one person need to win that election ?

Hm Some of you are not sure .

Is there a technical calculation ?

Number again .

51 right ?

100 voters candidate , a candidate B candidate A co win .

How many votes he needs .

That means how many people voted against him ?

Which means 49 logs will be the hooker .

Who against the yes or no .

I dislike you .

I don't want you to be elected .

49 .

There was a question in this list which said , why is the world unfair ?

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And I will say welcome to planet Earth .

It is an unfair planet before you get your own planet , get used to the rules of this planet .

It's unfair .

There are people who like you .

There are people who dislike you just because you are you why we have to get into the business of people pleasing .

Why , why do I have to feel secure like you , you understand the point ?

There's going to be people who will dislike you just because you are you so don't go to extreme lengths to just to please them be yourself and you find your group , find your like minded people and a challenge for you is now every day , talk to one stranger .

Actually , that is a challenge for everybody .

If you want to develop your interpersonal skills every day , start a conversation with one stranger anywhere , whatever be the conversation , right ?

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Many of these conversations will stop midway .

I know there's the direction that you are thinking in is not the direction in the in , in , in which this conversation is going is the challenges of working with a young audience .

Let me rephrase , let me rephrase what I'm trying to , let me rephrase what I'm trying to say here .

What I'm saying is this initiate a conversation every day ?

Is that clear ?

Can you do that ?

Initiate a conversation every day with somebody ?

Right ?

And get , get used to .

There was this guy in China who said I will talk to so many people just randomly go out on the street and ask people and introduce himself and start a conversation and just watch that video on youtube .

What happens is just remember this rule and we'll finish this video on this rule .

It's called SWSWSWS W-4 times .

SW ok .

It comes from Jack Canfield , the author of success principles .

Some will repeat after me please .

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Some will , some won't .

So what someone's waiting .

Ok ?

Once again , some will , some won't .

So what someone's waiting , this is actually used in the sales field , but you can use it for your personal life .

Also , some will like you .

Some will not .

So what ?

There's somebody else who would like to have a conversation with you .

Ok .

But do not allow these external forces to determine yourself what you are way , way beyond the approval of any single individual .

All right , God bless you .

Thank you for asking that question with this .

We call it today and I'll just take a couple of minutes to address the camera with the closing video shot for the series .

So this is the conclusion of the coach on campus program today here at MGN Urban Estate to Jaar .

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I am very thankful to the administration to the Principal Rouhani Ma'am and to everybody who made this event successful most of all to the wonderful students .

And I always say this there is so much joy and love I experience when working with students because I know the efforts that I'm putting in the effort that that we've put in today together are if you , you if you allow these things to sink in , into your mind , the impact with time , you will see it will blossom into something very , very fruitful .

So my only objective today which I hope we have achieved successfully is to initiate some conversation between you and the most important person in your life that is between you and you .

And this is my message to all youngsters everywhere , take out time to talk to yourself every day .

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I don't do it in public , but take out time to talk to yourself and become your own best friend and find the resources to keep your life on track .

They say every religious philosophy , especially in Indian cultures , her religious philosophy in there is no way to validate or verify it .

But I do believe coming in a human form and having access to the sort of resources that you have is a rare , rare occurrence in the grand scheme of things of this universe .

So now that you have all this available , all I want you to keep in mind is when you look back at your life , let the reflection not be of regret .

I don't want you to look back at MG and plus one plus two and say things would happen different .

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I want you to look back at your life saying I did the best I could with what I have available or Yahi Rahman I have with life and I want to share the same with you , do the best with what you have wherever you are ordinary , but we underestimate them because they are readily available .

So your past my your future myth , forget it the best opportunity .

It's today .

But today , go home use *** , now go use *** that we was it .

And then we expect magic to happen .

People who will succeed in their lives are the ones who are able to use their present moments carefully .

You've all been a wonderful , wonderful , patient and enthusiastic audience .

I thank you for that .


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