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2023-08-08 06:51:41

How to Download Epic Games Launcher on PC & Laptop

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How to download the Epic Games launcher on a PC or laptop .

Welcome to another gaging Gadgets , Windows tutorial video in this video , I'm going to show you how to easily download and install the Epic Games launcher on your PC or laptop .

So then you can download and install games onto your computer .

So if you want to download games like Fall guys , Fortnite and tons of other games from the Epic Games launcher .

And this tutorial will show you how to easily do that .

All right .

So to get started , the first thing you need to do is simply open a browser on your computer and this can be any browser and navigate to Epic Games dot com .

Check the description because it'll have a link down there .

So you can just click that and open it up .

Once you get to Epic games dot com , simply go on the top right and select download and then you just want to select save so that you download the Epic Games installer .

Once the download is complete , go ahead and open up the Epic Games installer .

If you get any warning like this , go ahead and select , ok , then you'll see the Epic Games launcher set up , open up , go ahead and select install right here and then it will go through the installation process .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It may take a minute or two for it to complete the installation process .

Once it's done , it'll open up Epic Games where it'll start verifying any updates that need to be done to the Epic Games launcher .

So you may have an update that has to download like this .

Once it's done , you'll see the Epic Games launcher open up where the first thing we need to do is actually sign into our account .

Now , they have several different options for signing into your Epic Games account .

If you don't already have account , go to the bottom and select sign up .

So I'm gonna select sign in with Epic Games and I'll go through that process and then select log in .

Once you've logged in , you can then search the store and start downloading and installing any games you want .

Your games will be located over here in the library and then you can play them there .

All right .

So that's how you downloaded the Epic Games launcher on a PC or laptop if you have any questions about this .

Leave a comment below .

I get back to you as soon as I can .

If you'd like to see more Epic Games tips and tutorials , check the links in the description .

If this video helped you .

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