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2023-08-06 16:19:45

Off-White AF1 Restoration _ How to Remove Yellowing

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What's going on everybody ?

Welcome back to this episode of Customs and restoration of , for today's episode , we got a pair of off white Air Force ones .

The number one question over the years is how to remove the yelling from a pair of off whites and how to clean up the material .

Well , today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to do that .

So without further ado , let's get it started first things first , we're gonna put this issue to the site for before and after purposes next , we're gonna focus only on the souls right now .

There's a little bit of junk all around the soul for this .

We're gonna grab a pick and pick the stuff out .

So right now the pick isn't really working in this area right here is a lot of gum .

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So for this , we're gonna be using some , we're gonna spray a little bit , let it sit for a couple of seconds and then we're gonna go back in with the pick and pick it all out , got the gun off .

Now we're on to clean the soul to get the best results when we're ready to ice the sneaker .

We wanna have the sole as clean as possible .

So , for this , we're gonna be using our resume solution .

And our brass bristle brush , typically , we recommend to use a state bristle brush .

But in some cases , the brass bristle brush does a faster job over time .

If you don't properly dry the brush and care for it , it will start to get rusted and it can possibly leave marks on the sole or upper if you're trying to reset the nap on the s so be very careful with that bottoms are fully cleaned up .

Now , we're on to removing the yelling from these soles .

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So for this , we're gonna be using some so vibe you can find this stuff at dot com as well as the other shoe care products use my promo code dot below to save some money .

So for this , we're gonna play a nice thin coat all around the sole .

Then we're gonna place a sara wrap over the shoe to keep the vibe fresh .

After that .

We're gonna put it in the big 2000 .

Good to go with that .

Now , we need some UV rays to activate the .

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So let's put this in the big 2000 .

Here's where we're at .

After about 2.5 days of putting the shoe inside the indoor set up , we got some great results .

The sides are pretty much done .

We got all the yellowing out .

The bottoms are almost there as well in this front area in this back piece , there's some heavy yelling going on .

We're gonna apply some more shoeing and survive .

Put the shoe inside the indoor set up for another 2.5 days and then see what happens .

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Now , I know you guys use the Supreme Zom feat .

Shout out to for always giving me late up , head over to our website right now to sign up for your monthly see subscription .

Let's put this in the big 2000 .

We are back .

You guys .

We got the shoe out of the indoor set up after it being inside for five days straight .

And these are the results as you can see the sides .

We got it back to that nice white milky tone .

Same thing with the bottoms again , these are not 100% perfect , but they're a lot better than what they looked like before .

Later on in this video .

I'll show you guys a nice before and after .

But right now I'm gonna talk to you guys about the process .

Like I mentioned , I put the shoe in the indoor set up for five days straight every single morning .

I would apply a nice new fresh coat of so onto the sole .

After about 12 to 15 hours , the soda vibe dries out .

It's very important to keep on reapplying to get the best results after a few days of having them in the big 2000 I realized at the fifth day mark they , we're not gonna get any icier as you can see down here in the center section and this bottom piece , it's pretty dark compared to the rest of the soul that happens a lot with your shoes .

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The shoes has been worn down a lot .

So the center area has got a lot of wear and tear at some point , they just tap out .

You could put the sole inside the indoor set up for another five days or a month at some point , you just don't get any icier results .

And if you will go in depth on the indoor set up , but right now , we're gonna focus on the cleaning .

One of the most difficult materials to clean up is off white and it really all depends on the type of stain and how long it's been sitting on the shoe .

This shoe particular isn't too dirty , but it does have its stains throughout the shoe .

Same thing with the insides .

The main thing I want to get rid of is the yellowing .

So for this , we're gonna be using resina signature shoe cleaning kit that you'll find at Reuven air dot com that comes with all three brushes , solution , towel , laundry bag and shoe trees .

We're gonna start by esco some solution into our bowl and taking out our insole .

Now let's grab our shoe tree .

I just hit a size real quick and insert it inside the shoe .

One thing I do wanna mention is I'm using hot water for this cleaning .

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I like to use that on off material because it helps break down the grime and dirt in between the layers .

So we're gonna start off by using our soft as a brush to start breaking down the grime .

So far .

So good .

You guys , the saw bristle brush is doing its job breaking down on the grime and dirt throughout the white uppers .

Now we're gonna kick it up a notch and move on to a medium bristle brush .

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I like to use this brush on off white cleanings on the inside of the shoe to help push some of the grime and dirt out of those layers all done with the pre treatment .

Now , let's complete this cleaning by putting the shoe and insult inside our sink , laundry bag .

We need to put this shoe through a full washing cycle to help us flush out any grime and dirt that's stuck in between the offline material and we can't forget our res souvenir laundry pods , put these in the washing machine .

So we get the shoe out of the washing machine .

It looks a lot better .

We got a lot of that grim and stains out of the shoe .

Now , we do have a lot of yellowing still on the uppers for this .

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What we're gonna do is use our indoor set up simply what we're gonna do is just let it sit in there for the next 24 hours it's gonna get some of the yellowing out naturally .

It's not gonna get it perfect , but it's gonna look a lot better .

Now , we're gonna talk about our indoors , set up .

What we have here is a simple tent that you can find on Amazon .

Two fans on each side to keep the inside nice and cool .

And on the inside we got 3 50 100 watts providing us with 4500 watts of light in total .

Beaming on the shoes .

What do you see right here is everything you need .

Big .

Shout out to my boy Alex A K flipping kicks for all the knowledge .

Let's put them inside the indoor set up .

We are back everybody after letting your shoes sit in the indoor set up for about 24 hours .

These are the results in just a bit .

I'll show you a side by side comparison .

But let me tell you , there is definitely a big difference .

A lot of the yelling did come out .

It's not 100% perfect , but we did get some results .

Now , there's two things left before we wrap up this project , we gotta lace them up and use our brash brush to reset the nap on the s because right now it's really stiff .

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All right , the moment you guys have been waiting for the before and afters , let's check them out first .

Let's start with the before as you can see .

Clear yellow tint throughout the entire M not to mention , the bottoms are a harsher yellow tent .

Now , the afters boom , the sides back to its original milky tone .

The bottom , same exact thing .

They're not 100% perfect , but they look a lot better than the originals .

All thanks to our resin sort of vibe and our indoor set up .

Now , let's go ahead and talk about the uppers for this cleaning .

We use our resumer signature shoe cleaning kit .

We gave the shoe a proper clean inside and out and got rid of any grime and dirt from the sneaker .

After that , we put the shoe inside our indoor set up for a good 24 hours and that was a trick to removing the yelling from the uppers as you can see on the before is all around the stripes .

There's harsh yellowing going on on the afters .

It's not as bad anymore on the Nike signs on the before .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It has a yellow tin throughout the entire edge on the afters .

It's not as bad anymore .

It's back to that nice clear tent .

Now , let's go ahead and talk about the mass throughout the entire shoe on the toe box on the sides .

Same thing we got it back to its original white tone .

The trick really is our signature shoe cleaning kit .

Our so vibe and an indoor set up with a lot of light .

Again , to get these type of results , you need a bad ass indoor set up that provides a lot of light such as the one I have , the one I have provides 4500 watts of light .

The old indoor set up that I had only had one light and it did not get results like this .

So keep that in mind you guys overall , this restoration would have not been possible without products .

If you guys wanna achieve this type of results , head over to resin dot com right now and use my promo code down below to save some money .

Hope you guys enjoyed .

This video is al mighty catch you guys next Monday .

See you guys .


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