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2023-08-07 13:48:14

iPhone 13 - How to Download and Install Apps on iPhone 13

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So the process to download and install apps on iphone 13 in the process is quite easy and simple .

Uh First , you need to make sure that you have allowed your app store to download apps uh via your touch ID or face ID for that simply go to your settings on iphone .

And here's called down a bit until you see face id and passcode , tap on this and configure your passcode in case if you have not figured uh configured it .

And once you have done so here under the itunes and App Store , make sure that your face ID is turned on .

And if you go go down below .

So this is a setting that you want to do .

That is your itunes and App Store is turned on under your face ID .

That means if you are um installing the app for the first time , it would ask for the verification where your face ID , once you have done .

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So go to your App store and once you are inside your app store , tap on this account icon at the right top corner and make sure that you're logged in with your uh apple ID .

Once you are logged in .

You can simply go to uh any app or search for any app by tapping on the search icon .

For example , this one simply search for it type and get uh it would ask for your confirmation .

So double click the power button and then it would do the face ID verification .

And within a few moments , you will be able to see that the download will start .

So now you can see the download has started and it is installed successfully .

Now , I can open it directly from here or you can go to your home screen and you'll be able to find out .

So here you can see here , I have the app .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So how by doing so you'll be able to download and install uh apps on I uh iphone 13 .

So I hope it does help you in downloading and installing apps on iphone 13 .

But before you go , please like subscribe and share .

Thank you .


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