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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel .

So we are talking about the five places that a man , there are different places or plenty of them .

But let's start with 55 places that a man would want us women to touch them when you are knocking during the moment .

So these places will make your man gasping for more .

So let's throw his joystick is not the only play thing that can please your man like a woman's body .

A man's too , has so many original zones that can please him too apart from the joystick .

So those places would turn him on much more than usual if you play it .

Well , all you need to do is to not be shy about exploring all these places on your man's body to turn him on .

Let him know that his body is as precious to you as your body is as precious to him .

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Work the magic and keep him gasping in case you have not ventured above his belt while making love .

Keep watching the neck is one mischievous part of his body that can send down shivers of ex Stasi down his spine if handled correctly .

The human neck has an erotically strong concentration of nerve endings and a gentle bite or leak or just kisses can turn the whole ball game around .

And ladies while you are there , do not forget to pay attention to his Adam's apple .

Start from the basics master is like a pro and proceed to perfection .

If there is a secret that you need to discover it is that he hold a crucial key to turning him on and this is one area he will not want you to miss .

Those are one of the most sensitive parts of his body .

And when you shower all your loving on them , there will be no going back .

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You cannot get intimate without the titillating ear nibbles .

Your man loves it and this will keep him begging for more ear lobes , the inner lining and the backs of his ears are your mission targets that you need to stimulate with .

Utmost dedication and willingness .

Gentle bricks and subtle moons can spice things up to a great extent , but be careful .

Your man wants to get aroused , not drown in sloppy ear kisses , be firm but tender and focus on the little things that make him go crazy .

Needless to say his joystick plays a massive role porn very much intended in directing your intimate act of love making .

What remains underrated is this slow cares or brush of fingers across his joystick ?

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When all mainstream attention is focused on the oral act , a light touch across his shafts or just benning touches to his friend room will make your man go so weak in his knees .

Do not rough it up immediately , but take it ever so slow and steady and build up .

It's safely hid in a way .

Literally secret sport that your man has is this small area between his and his scratch .

It is often referred to as P sport is , is a super sport that your man might be a little bit shy about .

But you definitely need to explore often unfortunately ignored this hidden treasure chest and the right way of stimulating it holds the golden key to the most amorous experience .

You can never live with your man .

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This place is often ignored , try to exploit it and these are the five places that I listed out that men want to be torched .

But you can ask your man to ask him , you know , his personal , please .

I'm going to bring in other places .

There are a lot of them , but let's start with these five and I hope this video will be helpful .

I'm going to see you next time in my next video .

It is your favorite idea , gracious drama .

You can follow me on other social media handles like tiktok , Instagram , Snapchat at gracious drama underscore I'm going to see you next time in my next video .

Bye bye .


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