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2023-08-06 15:51:32

I Made 40 Protein Waffles to Keep in My Freezer

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I think we can all agree that sleeping in rules and you can sleep in every morning when you prep your breakfast with things like these protein waffles , keep them in your freezer and you can make chocolate chip protein waffles or top them with strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream .

And you've got yourself a great breakfast .

So the next time some dummy tries to tell you Lego , you say .

All right , no problem .

I got enough protein waffles in snack city to feed every preschool in the county .

Here's how you make them .

Just kidding .

I need this .

I make my protein pancakes and my protein waffles using oat flour .

So to start off , we need to turn some rolled oats into flour to do that .

All you need to do is add the oats to a blender .

Turn it on high speed and wait for the oats to be pulverized down into a powder .

You don't need to buy this pre ground at the store .

It's five times the cost and super easy to make on your own .

What I like to do is process down a large amount at once and then store the excess in my pantry for later use .

Now we need to make the dry mix for our waffles .

So get out a large bowl , place it over a scale and add to it one in two thirds cups or 200 g of the oat flour .

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We just made 3/4 of a cup or 100 g of corn , starch , 2.5 teaspoons or 10 g of baking powder .

About four scoops or 100 and 25 g of vanilla we protein and about four scoops or 100 and 25 g of vanilla caine protein mix those ingredients together until no clumps remain .

What you have here in the bowl is the dry protein pancake mix .

This is what I keep in my pantry for easy access when I want protein pancakes next to the bowl , add all of your liquid ingredients .

Start with two have cups or 600 g of liquid egg whites .

If you wanted to use whole eggs , you could do that , just match the weight .

So it's equal .

I'm guessing that's gonna be somewhere around eight eggs .

Then you can add in three and a third cups or 750 g of plain Nonfat Greek yogurt .

And lastly to thin it out , you can add about a cup or 240 g of water .

The amount of water to use will be variable .

Some of you may need more , some of you may need less .

You just want to have a batter that is pour and easy to add your waffle iron .

This batter is gonna thicken up the longer it sits because the oats and the casing will have more time to hydrate .

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So , while you are cooking your waffles , you're going to need to add more water to it in order to keep it at the same consistency .

When your batter is ready to go start preheating your waffle iron and spray it with some oil .

I forgot to buy oil spray at the store .

So I'm just giving mine a little patty pat with an oil drenched paper towel .

Next , you can start the waffle cooking process .

Here .

I am trying to figure out how to get this batter out of the bowl and into the waffle iron without creating a large mess .

And you already know the answer is the Swiss Army knife of my kitchen , the trusty frozen bowl , for reference , my waffle iron is an eight inch by eight inch square and the amount of batter that goes in per run is about 200 to 230 g each time .

Spread it out .

So the batter fills the bottom of the waffle iron , close the lid and then allow it to cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until it is finished .

How long your waffles take to cook is going to depend on the temperature of your waffle iron .

My waffle iron has one temperature and that's on .

So I plug it in and I let the Lord decide what the temperature is gonna be .

And unfortunately , I have no idea what that temperature is .

As I mentioned a minute ago , the batters gonna thicken up as it sits .

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So here you can see me adding some more water just to maintain the same consistency as your waffles finished , pull them from the waffle iron and place them on a wire lined baking dish to cool and continue with the cooking process until all of your batter is gone .

If you're using a square waffle iron , like me take a knife and cut your big waffles into four smaller pieces , I know a question that will come up about these waffles is about the protein powder used in the recipe .

I don't have any case , can I use ?

Just way the answer is 100% .

Absolutely not .

The protein blend is important for texture .

It's important for flavor .

And in the case of these waffles specifically , if you try to make them using 100% way the batter is going to run out the sides of your waffle iron and create a giant mess in your kitchen .

And I promise you , you don't want to clean that up to make chocolate chip waffles .

You can add the batter to the waffle iron and then Sprinkle over about a half of a tablespoon or 7 g of many chocolate chips .

You could mix the chocolate chips right into the batter if you wanted to .

But I find that when you do it that way , they are more prone to melting when poured into the waffle iron .

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If you just Sprinkle them over the top , after you add in the batter , they will stay closer to their normal shape .

I got 40 waffles out of this batch and it took me about an hour to cook through them all .

Once they've cooled down to about room temperature line them up nicely on your sheet pan , move them into the freezer and allow them to flash freeze until they are frozen solid .

This step is important if you plan to vacuum seal these because if you try to vacuum seal a soft waffle , it will get smushed into oblivion .

So once the waffles are frozen solid , they can then be moved into their vacuum sealed bags .

Ever since I found out about this willing fresh and safe vacuum system .

It has been my storage method of choice for everything that goes inside of Snack City .

The fresh and safe system is the watchdog of the waffle .

The fighter against freezer burn .

And the century of snacks with these fresh and safe bags , you can open and close the bags to grab out what you need and easily reseal them with the vacuum pump to remove all the air .

If you're going to spend the time , the money and the energy to prep your snacks for months in advance .

You're gonna want to make sure they're protected .

Imagine how annoyed you'd be to open your freezer and see that they have been ruined by freezer burn and you have to throw them all away .

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Willing is a great brand .

They make awesome knives and cookware and this fresh and safe system has become a staple in my meal prep kitchen .

The seven piece vacuum starter set comes with a vacuum pump , one large glass container , one small glass container and two small and two medium bags .

The medium bags are what I use most often .

And if you live in the US and you use the coat meal prep at , check out they're gonna send you 10 extra medium bags for free with how much snack prep .

I do .

This thing has been a game changer me .

Check out the link in the description if you're interested .

Shout out to willing for sponsoring the video .

So once they're all bagged up , move them into the freezer for the long sleep .

Whenever you're ready to eat them , grab a bag from the freezer , open it up and you have three main methods to reheat .

You can use a toaster , you can put them in the air fryer or you can toss them in the microwave for the toaster method .

Throw a couple in , drop them down and once they're hot , they're ready to go , just wash them carefully to make sure they don't burn , then you can close up the bag re vacuum it and move it back into a snack city in the freezer for the air fryer method .

I do literally everything in the air fryer at 400 °F until it is ready .

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It will probably only take two or three minutes .

So just like with the toaster , watch it carefully to make sure it doesn't burn .

These were the chocolate chip waffles .

So I'm gonna dress them up with another half of a tablespoon or 7 g of mini chocolate chips and then about a tablespoon and a half or 23 g of syrup .

So for these four protein waffles with the chocolate chips and the syrup , you're looking at 450 calories with 36 g of protein .

For the plain version of the waffles , you could just eat them with syrup or one of my favorite ways to do it is to add a few strawberries and blueberries , say 50 g of strawberries and 20 g of blueberries , then drizzle over a tablespoon and a half or 23 g of maple syrup and lastly add two tablespoons or 15 g of whipped cream .

For these four protein waffles with the toppings .

It's 419 calories with 37 g of protein .

An easy way to cut back on some of the calories from the syrup is to macerate the fruit and some splenda that will release its natural juices and you won't have to use any syrup on the waffles .

Each individual plain waffle without any toppings has about 68 calories and 9 g of protein .

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And each individual chocolate chip waffle has about 77 calories with 9 g of protein .

Whether you plan to use these waffles as a breakfast or a snack , they are a must have inside of Snack City .

Just think of all the extra time .

You're gonna get to sleep in when you have these prepped in your freezer .

Ready to go back when I was Joshi's spreadsheets and I worked a corporate job .

I used to be the king of the on the clock .

Special sleep in extra late pack your breakfast with you , bring it to work and eat it while you sit at your desk .

The written version for these protein waffles is on my website and you can find a link to that in the description of this video below .

Snack City is not gonna build itself .

So get the building brick by brick , start with these waffles .

And soon enough , you'll be mayor of Snack City in your own freezer .

See you guys next week .


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