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2023-08-06 16:19:12

The best way to clean ALL WHITE Nike Flyknit Air Force 1s.

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What's going on guys , Johnny is back with another cleaning video .

Yo , today , I'm gonna be cleaning these fly knit air force ones that one of our new associates got dirty .

Like the past year .

He's had these almost .

So as you can see , they're pretty trash , but I'm gonna be cleaning it with our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and our sneaker laundry detergent that is available right now .

Make sure you cop a couple of these because they do sell out pretty fast .

But it's not for me talking guys .

Let's go right before I begin .

I do want to explain why I'm wearing gloves .

I know I've seen a lot of you guys in the comment section last time I was only wearing one .

It's because I cut my hand this time is because Hayden has dirty feet and these stink and I really don't want to touch it .

But anyway , so the first thing I'm gonna do is grab our rejuvenator bottle solution .

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Pour a few squirts , gotta open that up again .

Right ?

So we're gonna go ahead and clean the uh , the right shoe today .

I'm gonna put the left one to the side and undo these laces .

All right .

Now that the laces are out on to the next step with grabbing our bottle solution .

A few squirts .

That's all you need .

The soft bristle brush hit the uppers .

All right guys .

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So the uppers are looking pretty good after using the soft brush , but I do see a few deep stains in the toe box here in the side panel .

So what I'm gonna do is use our new all purpose brush that does have a lot finer hairs than the last one .

So it shouldn't fray the material .

So I'm gonna go and try that and try to get those deep stains out .

So I decided to just go ahead and clean the entire upper with this new all purpose brush .

I just wanted to see how good it really worked and honestly , it didn't frame the material .

So , um , I would definitely recommend using our new all purpose brush on any fly knit or uh mesh type of material .

You'll be right on the deep , but now we're just gonna go ahead and move on to the , with the same brush .

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So the is cleaned up pretty nice .

Go ahead and check that out real quick .

Now , I'm gonna move on to cleaning these dirty out .

So using our stiff brush , yeah , I would say they look pretty good .

The next step to do , I'm gonna put these to the side , grab the laces because you can't forget to clean the laces .

They have been our rejuvenator bowl .

Get it clear .

All right , that should be good .

Let's grab the bag .

So we got two bags coming .

Let's keep it , let's keep it going .

Grab the shoe , put inside the laundry bag .

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Grab the laces .

Wow .

What ?

All right , there you go .

It's all good .

Take it to the wash .

All right guys .

Now we are in the bathroom .

Let's go ahead and throw these in the wash , put that in there like so turn it on wash normal cycle .

Alright .

Let's go ahead and do it in there for 42 minutes is fine .

Medium cold water .

You always wanna use cold water , guys never use anything else but cold water .

Ok ?

Now we're gonna grab our sneaker laundry detergent .

Open up the cap , squeeze about an ounce because he's a pretty dirty , loosen the cap .

Let's go ahead and pour those in there like so yeah , boom , close it up .

That's it guys .

We'll be back in 42 minutes to show you guys the results .

Let's go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right guys , we are back .

We went ahead and let these dry for a few hours and as you can see , rejuvenator did its thing .

We went ahead and got these crispy using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and our sneaker laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com right now .

I mean , uh what , what more can I see guys ?

These are , these are looking real nice .

Hayden is gonna like these joints .

But let me know in the comment section below .

What shoe do you guys want me to clean next ?

If you're not already subscribed , hit that subscribe button , hit that thumbs up .

I'm Johnny Bubbles .

I'll see you in the next one .

Yo .

Who the fuck my shoes ?


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