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2023-08-09 09:51:12

All-Oat Waffles!

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Hi , I'm Jane .

This is my mom and , and today we're gonna make waffles .

It's one of our fun family things we make on the weekends .

We don't make it every day of the week .

And actually Jane , you're wrong .

I spent one year every morning trying to make waffles with just the few ingredients that I wanted to eat .

So , and it's , and if you're following along we're doing all oat waffles on page 52 of the cookbook .

But we also have great recipes for waffles in our other books and they not as pure .

They have some , oh , my gosh .

Our son came up with this waffles .

These waffles that are so delicious if you have .

I love my waffles .

I know .

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So I wanted to find a waffle that was like eating my breakfast that just had the things in it .

I wanted to eat , which is oats and flacks and a banana and some berries .

So I actually came up with it .

So you start , when you dumped your cereal bowl into the right , you start with a really ripe banana and actually one other cool thing , it's really efficient to peel a banana from the other end .

I started from that .

But you know , it comes , it comes off in a really clean way .

You get a nice spot of banana , put it in the , would you like to turn that on and mash it up , mash it up and then we add a cup of oats , half a cup of water , some water , some flax seed meal .

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If you do the whole flax seed , it goes right through you .

So just some flax seed meal for your omega three , a couple of tablespoons , then a teaspoon of vanilla .

And after that , I love vanilla .

I mean , you know , I would , I would put , then this is the coolest thing you use orange zest and , and if you don't , if you get tired of having bald fruit in your refrigerator , you can get orange extract , which I ended up doing some too .

But you know , so many times people will , you're the , you're the , the , um , I'm guessing a little sticker is good .

Does it ?

Here's a flag meal if you need to know about flax it , wait , she's , she's successfully do what I wanna say is that sometimes you , people will put maple syrup or sweetener .

You don't need it .

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And with this little bit of orange zest , it gives it a wonderful sweetness .

Ready .

OK .

Figure it out .

Just , I just blur it until little flecks of oats are left and then into your waffle maker .

Now , if , if you have an old waffle maker , you're gonna be so frustrated , it's getting it out .

But this one is really non stick .

That's , that's good .

And what I did is that these are not going to be overflowing big waffles .

There are gonna be just nice little ones that kind of are so perfect .

You won't believe it .

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And we were recently in South Dakota and a wonderful woman era Alison Garris who met us , drove us and she had lunch for us .

And one of the things in her lunch was these waffles cold .

Now , when they're cold , they lose their Christmas .

But you know what I realized for the first time that , that orange zest really makes a difference .

So , in , they go in , they go and they stay in for about eight minutes .

Well , it also depends on your wall and how , how like efficient it is and how , well , you know , it , uh you don't wanna pull it up mid uh cook because it separates , but don't , don't open it up beforehand because they'll fall apart .

But you know what , I need to wait , even if they fall apart .

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If you use , um , a chopstick , you know , we have wooden chopstick , you can get all the pieces out and eat them , dusting pieces or a little , um , this is a wooden skewer , so we'll have that .

But what I've been working on back here is what is uh what we like to have on top of our waffles .

Maple syrup is great , but sometimes it's nice to not have just that pure sweet maple syrup .

So I have what's called very , very good sauce and it's in , um , plant strong a book .

I did , my brother Rick wrote and I did the recipe section and it is just berries .

Usually the left are berries .

My kids don't eat like the blueberries that are a little too wrinkly .

The strawberries that are a little too shrunken and the blackberry doesn't look quite the same as the other ones .

Um , I take them and just cook them down with uh , I squeeze in the lemon and some leftover clementines or oranges that the kids haven't eaten .

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So it really is sort of this fruit that's good , but kind of left over and you just cook it down and it's cooked down .

It cooks down into a , it's sort of a very cool and it is delicious .

If you add in apple sauce , it's more or apple , sorry , apple juice .

It's a little more sweet .

If you add in the citrus , it has a little more of a kind of that sour .

Um , you put in a lot of lemon .

Are you shot ?

You're , you're the acid queen .

No , but it , it's , it'll be good .

It's been a little over eight minutes .

I never know if it's gonna work or not , but we'll see fingers crossed .

Oh , they're beautiful .

They're beautiful .

Look at those .

Look at those .

Look at that .

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Isn't that something and look , they're like little turtles and you know what the most exciting thing is right here today , we have somebody who doesn't eat plant based at all .

And he actually , he's , he's only 18 and he , he , he's gonna try these and we have our fingers crossed that he is going to love them .

He's gonna love them .

You can put a raspberry in each hole and we'll give you some maple syrup if you need it .

Instead of having the cool , the cool is piping hot .

Does not get , it may not be ready right now .

Or you could put blueberries , but the raspberries always are so amazing if we could have a few little blackberries and then it's so pretty cut up more berries or banana .

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But anyway , they are wonderful .

It's fun to make these .

They do , they're crispy now .

They will get soggy , but you can put them in the toaster later and heat them up the next day .

You wanna try it with some maple syrup .

You guys ?

Yeah .

Ok .

Well , I'll put a little maple syrup on , let them individually that they , they cannot try it until they had it without maple syrup and just say .

All right .

So we'll see what happens .

All right .

Hey , well , you go home and you make your waffles however you want and hopefully your cool aid will be done in time .

It's almost done .

I'm gonna pull up .

The amazing thing about these is that it's just cut oats in it .

It's like eating your breakfast .

It's got everything and , and , and here's the cool act .

It's al it's almost done but it's just too hot to sort of pour onto someone's mouth .

But all these , this fruit just melts down into this beautiful , beautiful , very , very good sauce .

Ok .

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So off you go make your waffles how you want them and decorate them .

So you will eat them .

Enjoy .

Bye .


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