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2023-08-06 15:45:22

One-Pot Biryani _ How To Make One-Pot Chicken Biryani _ Chicken Biryani Recipe by Prateek Dhawan

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Studio seem to have changed a little bit , but it doesn't matter .

I'm back at the studio with something special and flair .

I'm not gonna describe the dish , but I want you guys to see it with me .

So let the cooking begin .

Start with the marination first .

I'm chopping the coriander , likely take all the corda and pass it on the chicken .

Next , I'm gonna add good three tablespoons , one , two and three , next one .

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Teaspoon turmeric , roasted cumin powder , black pepper powder last sort .

Now we'll mix the marination .

I'm gonna let my chicken rest for at least 15 to 20 minutes .

By that time , I'll start off with biryani masala as the pans start heating up .

First , I'm gonna add oil .

Next , I'm gonna add cumin next .

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I'm gonna add two bay leaves , 12 with that two cinnamon sticks , one star , one black Cardamon and green Cardamon .

Last few pieces of cloves as my cumin starts crackling first , I'm gonna add chopped ginger garlic and with that chop onions , I've added ginger garlic and onion together to get a nice balanced cooking so that nothing gets burned and both get cooked at the same temperature as my onions start getting translucent .

Now , I'm gonna add the marinated chicken to it .

Cook the chicken on a very low heat .

This will give nice flavor to the masala .

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And also it will help release the juices of the chicken , which will give more flavor to the biryani sort of the chicken on a low flame for at least 10 minutes .

Then we'll add the tomatoes .

My chicken is cooked for 10 minutes .

Now , I'm gonna add tomato to it with tomato chopped green chilies gave one big stir after mixing the tomatoes .

Now let's add masal in the masala .

First , I'm gonna add red chili powder .

Next masala coriander powder and little bit of roasted black pepper powder .

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Let's mix it up nicely and cook the tomatoes and the masala till the of the tomato and the masala goes away .

My tomato is nicely mashed up .

Now , I'm gonna add a little salt to it .

The reason I'm adding little salt because I've already added salt in the marination .

I have precooked the rice for 10 minutes .

This will make your work very easy .

When you cook the rice , they will cook well and fast .

Now let's add rice to the chicken .

After adding rice , I'm gonna add water to it .

I'm gonna add only that kind of water so that my rice get nicely immersed in it by not mixing the rice .

I get uneven shade of unmixed spices and which in result will give me nice light , dark color , which looks really beautiful for the biryani .

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Now I'm gonna add mint leaves .

Now , I'm gonna close the lid and cook the biryani for 20 minutes .

I'll switch off the gas and let the Biyani rest for a few minutes .

My brain is ready .

Now I'll open the lid , flub the rice with the fork so that the rice doesn't get spoiled .

I'm gonna garnish with corda good amount of it .

Now I'm gonna do the plating .

Take it from the side .

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Now , garnish it with , we call it barista with that of tomato .

I'm finally chopped coriander style person .

And if you really like what I made , then do give us a big thumbs up comments and do let me know what you want me to cook next for you .

But for that louder louder , please you need to subscribe to us .

I'll see you soon in the next episode .

Till then .

Take good care and goodbye .


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