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2023-08-06 16:18:21

How To Clean Suede And Leather Shoes - An In Depth Guide by Highsnobiety

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Oh , hi guys .

This is Bobby and today we're gonna show you how to get your suede and leather shoes looking fresh again because suede and leather are more sensitive materials .

The methods vary from our previous general sneaker cleaning guide , but you should still check that one out before we get started .

Here's what you'll need a bowl of water , suede brush , suede or new block eraser , hand towel , microfiber towel , magic sponge , cleaning foam or solution , leather conditioner , weatherproofing , spray shoe trees or something to stuff your shoes with .

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And of course your leather or suede shoes first remove any excess dirt from your sneakers by knocking together the soles and using a soft brush to brush off any dirt .

If you have shoe trees , use them to stuff your sneakers , this gives them more volume and makes them easier to clean .

Also allowing you to clean dirt within the creases of the leather .

Dip your brush into hot water and pour some cleaning solution on it .

Apply the brush to the upper and gently scrub back and forth , work up a ladder so the bubbles can get to work .

We're using a colonial phone cleaner designed especially for the leather and suede , use a towel to remove excess soap and suds and then inspect your work .

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If you feel your sneaker needs more attention .

Repeat the previous step .

Next up is the mid sources .

Here , you can use the cleaner and brush combination or our pro tip .

A magic sponge .

Apply more solution to the wet brush or magic sponge and scrub lightly until the mid sole is clean .

Wipe down the shoe with your towel and set it aside to dry .

Additionally , you can lather a leather sneaker with conditioner which will moisturize the leather and help keep it supple .

Once it's dry , use weatherproofing spray to add a layer of protection .

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This will keep your sneakers in good condition for longer .

Reducing the need for deeper cleans when cleaning sued .

It's important that your shoes are dry because sued is almost always dry cleaned as water can have adverse effects on the materials .

We're gonna outline three methods to tackle different levels of stains for simple scuffs and marks .

All you need is your suede brush just gently brush the suede to remove the stains .

Be sure to brush the sued in one direction .

This helps keep the material smooth appearance for set in stains that are harder to remove .

You'll need the sued eraser which is usually a block of crap rubber .

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Do this over a towel or an easy clean surface as things will get messy , rub the eraser over the stains and don't be afraid to apply a little pressure , keep rubbing until the stain is gone .

It can take a few minutes .

So be patient after you've removed the stain , bring out your brush and gently brush the suede , bringing back some of the nap and color that was lost during cleaning .

Finally , for stubborn stains such as water stains , you can use a cleaning solution meant specifically for su such as this one from colony .

As always follow the instructions as methods can vary normally though cleaning with a solution involves brushing the solution into the sued , using the brush provided .

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Once you're done , let your shoes dry overnight , you'll then want to use a combination of the Creps sued eraser and the brush techniques from earlier to bring back the suede nap and get rid of what's left of the stains .

Finally gently brush out the sued to give it a natural and fresh look .

If you want .

You can also use a weatherproofing spray to protect your suede shoes from the elements .

Be cautious as not every spray is compatible with suede , water based sprays can result in the suede's color or texture changing slightly .

And that was our simple guide to cleaning suede and leather shoes .

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Don't forget to like , comment and subscribe for more sneaker content and how tos from high snowy .

Yeah .


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