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2023-08-07 14:07:41

EASY Chicken Biryani and Veg Biryani _ Simple BIRYANI recipe _Chetna cooks Biryani_ Food with Chetna

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Let's get cooking .

The reason I've chosen today's recipe is because uh it's a lovely sunny weekend and I've just invited some friends over .

They will be here in a couple of hours .

Uh So I want something that we can share kind of just one pot meal .

Um And I thought I will do a really lovely easy version of chicken biryani .

It's got no fried onions .

It's got no layering , but it should taste amazing .

I haven't tried it before , but I am confident that it should work .

It's kind of based on kai biryani , which is kai means in Hindi means raw .

And the reason is because in that the chicken is not cooked .

And so the biryani is layered with raw chicken , but I'm kind of semi cook it .

Um Yeah , I'm gonna put it together and I better not waste any time and start cooking .

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Also , I have got a couple of vegetarians in the house so I can't forget them .

So , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make one pot chicken biryani and I'm going to do exactly the same thing , but make a veg version as well .

So both of us can enjoy our own preferences .

Just going to roughly chop three of these onions .

So I'm gonna make the chicken one in the bigger pan and the vegetarian one in this smaller pan .

So I've got , I've got them nice and hot and I'm just gonna add , um , good , good glug of sunflower or rape seed oil or any other oil you , uh , wish to use no olive oil .

Right .

Come close .

I'll show you how much I'm putting in .

So I have got here .

Uh So I'm making this for eight people .

So I've got around 4 to 5 tablespoon of oil in here and I'm just gonna heat this up .

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So in goes a cinnamon stick , a couple of bay leaves , 3 to 4 cardamom pods , 23 pieces of stares and some cloves let it sizzle for a few seconds .

Next goes in four onions roughly chopped and I'm just gonna cook this for a good 12 , 15 minutes until they are nice and golden .

So the onions are looking lovely .

They are cooking slowly and nicely here .

I have got the exact same thing but just half the quantity because this is for four people and that is for eight people .

So this is the vegetarian option and while that is cooking , I'm just going to boil some rice in here .

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Um so that it's ready in time for the Biryani .

So the water is boiling .

Um and I'm just gonna add good two teaspoons of salt to this .

Just get the water nice and salty .

And then I'm gonna add in the washed rice and I'm just going to cook this till it's half cooked .

Not all the way through .

Just half done .

So , next I have got some garlic cloves .

You could use 4 to 6 and a good piece of ginger .

And I'm going to grate all of this and this is looking half done .

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They are flopping up , fluffing up nicely , but they're not fully cooked and I've turned the heat off and I'm just gonna drain the rice .

So the onions are looking lovely , beautifully golden .

And I'm just going to throw in the ginger and garlic and just cook for another a few seconds .

Just gonna chop up two green chilies and four tomatoes finely chopped and then goes in the chilies and the tomatoes and then I'm just going to cook this for another 10 minutes .

So I have got here the chicken biryani going on and the veg biryani is here and I've got the rice kind of semi cooked ready for it .

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I just wanted to say so when am I going to add all the spices if you have kind of a biryani mix or something ?

That is a good time to add it with all the other spices if you haven't , which I don't quite a few times .

I don't have any spice mixes .

I just use my homemade garam masala mix , which is brilliant with this and now it's time to add the spices .

So here are all the kind of basic spices I use and some of the kind of homemade blends and other spices are here .

So I'm going to add some to the biryani now .

So in goes two teaspoons of salt because we've got a lot of chicken , a good teaspoon or two teaspoon of chili powder , a good heaped teaspoon of turmeric powder and also 2 to 3 teaspoons of .

Then I just mix this .

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Yes , this is looking so lovely .

Smells amazing .

I am going to turn the heat off and once I've turned the heat off , I'm gonna add some yogurt to this so that it doesn't split .

That's what I've turned the heat off .

So I'm adding six tablespoons of natural yogurt once I have kind of mixed it up , well , then I'm gonna turn the heat back on .

So today I am using a whole chicken , not just thighs or like pieces .

So I've got everything and I used a really big large chicken .

I just asked the butcher to cut it into smaller pieces .

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They're still quite large , but they should feed easily , feed eight people and have some leftovers as well .

So this now goes into the yogurt onion mix and I'm just going to turn the heat back on .

So the hobbies back on and I'm just gonna add the chicken .

You can use boneless chicken , but the cooking time will obviously reduce quite drastically .

So that goes in here .

I'm just gonna give it a good mix now because the pieces are so big and they are really large chicken pieces .

I am actually going to half cook this first .

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So I'm gonna cover this and cook on low heat for half an hour and the rest half an hour I cook with the rice .

It's looking pretty good .

There's no need to add water .

So for the vegetarian version , I've got three potatoes , one carrot , and I'm also gonna add some frozen peas .

So in this is the vegetarian version and I've got everything the same as the chicken .

So far , I've added the yogurt and I'm gonna add the veg .

OK .

So in goes the carrots and potatoes , I'm gonna add the peas with the rice later on just uh good mates .

And actually in this version , I am going to add around 5200 ml of water .

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Nice hot water .

I'm gonna cover and cook this for 20 minutes .

So it's been 20 minutes .

Wow , this is beautiful .

Absolutely stunning .

The potatoes are done .

The carrots are done .

I'm just gonna turn the gas off for two minutes while I get the rice ready , just gonna add a couple of frozen peas to this .

So I've mixed the peas in there isn't much liquid , which is brilliant .

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Um And I'm just going to spread the cooked rice on top and because the potato is already cooked , the rice is already cooked .

I didn't semi cook this rice .

I fully cooked this rice and this is exactly half the quantity of the chicken .

So this is 300 g of rice .

I'm going to spread this and then cover and just simmer for 10 minutes .

I'm just going to finish with a few drops of Cabra water .

And here is our chicken .

See , that's the reason for not adding any extra water because the chicken releases some moisture as well .

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And it is looking absolutely gorgeous , beautiful and it's time to add the rice .

So now goes um in the rice , which I'm literally just going to put all of this on top of the chicken .

And I have , I'm using 600 g of rice for eight people .

So this is easily a recipe that you can half it um and cook as much as you need .

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Just going to press this down and turn the heat off to the absolute lowest heat on the hob tons of some mint , lovely fresh herbs , just a few drops of rose water or Cabra water , whatever you have at home .

Now , all that's left to do is cover and let it cook on the lowest heat for another half an hour .

So the veg biryani is ready .

Obviously , the chicken has just got the last few minutes left .

So I thought , oh , let me just check this one .

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Smells amazing .

Now .

Oh , look at that .

Just gonna get some of this out on a plate and that's the vegetarian Biyani .

You can add other vegetables of your choice .

So um you can add some cauliflower , you could add some beans .

Um But this is like a simple uh lovely combination .

Um And now what , why am I starting to eat ?

Actually , this is not me .

I want the chicken one .

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So I'm gonna wait for a few more minutes and then open that one up and half an hour later , the chicken should be fully cooked .

And this biryani looks and smells amazing .

And though we are only four people who are gonna eat this , I have made it for eight servings so that I have got plenty of leftovers for next day as chicken Biryani is one of my absolute favorite things to eat .

And just before serving , I'm going to fluff up and kind of slightly very gently mix the whole thing up uh very carefully without breaking up chicken and squashing all the rice .

Uh But this way everyone will get the kind of equal flavors and the rice will taste delicious in every mouthful .

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So here it is my very easy , quick , simple yet , absolutely stunning chicken biryani , which I hope you guys will enjoy .

Don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you here very soon with another new recipe .

Bye for now .


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