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2023-08-08 12:54:13

How To Give A Great First Kiss - The Female Perspective

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Hey guys , my name is Marie and I am a professional wing girl and owner of the wing girl method .

And that means it's my job to tell you tons of secrets about women so you can be super successful with them .

So this week I dove into my mail bag for today's video .

Here's a question I got from Chat Marie .

I want to know how to give a great first kiss .

Ok , Chad , this is a really easy one for me to answer because I love kissing and I have had so many good and bad first kisses that I can tell you about .

But I really want to stay focused on your question about how to give a great first kiss .

So let me walk you through my definition of a great first kiss .

Keep in mind that as a wing girl , I probably interviewed close to 6000 women about topics just like this one .

So even though I'm speaking for myself , I'm definitely pulling from my years of research and thousands and thousands and thousands of women .

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So here it goes , we're on a date and we're laughing and touching and getting close and the tension is high and I'm just waiting for the second when you lean in and give me that amazing first kiss and I'm leaning in to show you that I want you to kiss me .

I'm holding eye contact , I'm ping my lips , but you still don't seem to kiss me even though I can tell you totally want to .

You're even telling me with your smile and body language that you want it , but it's not going to happen just yet .

There are times I would have just pounced on you , but this tension we're building up , feels so good and I don't want to be the first one to make that first move because that's not very feminine .

So then we share a moment .

You put your hand on my upper thigh while still holding eye contact and showing a half smile .

You move your other hand up to stroke my hair away from my face and then slowly go in for a soft but firm kiss one that uses mainly your lips and just a little bit of tongue .

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You kiss me slowly but firmly for about 20 seconds and then you pull away and you smile at me and that's the best first kiss in the world .

One that is given with confidence , no force and strength behind it .

So I hope that helps Jed .


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