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2023-08-06 15:50:06

Homemade Waffles Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 326

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Hi guys , I'm Laura Vitally on this episode of Lara in the kitchen .

I want to share with you how I make my homemade waffles .

They're simple .

They're quick and they use ingredients that you probably already have on hand .

So let's go over them .

So we can get started .

You're gonna need some all purpose plain flour , some whole milk or you can even use 2% melted unsalted butter , one egg vanilla extract little baking powder , pinch of salt and a tiny bit of sugar .

Those are your ingredients and now you milk .

I mean , these are super simple .

It's their everyday ingredients .

So we're gonna get straight into the waffles .

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Now , in this little bowl where I had the flour , I'm going to just mix together my flour , my baking powder , my salt and my sugar just to get them mixed together so that there are no lumps of one thing and not the other in the batter .

And now if you're anything like me making waffles on a Monday or Tuesday morning is just , it doesn't happen , you know , gotta leave early for work .

There's not enough time to make something like this , but the weekend Oh , I just love to cook and bake on weekends and breakfast is one of those things that I just love to do when I have time .

So , in the big bowl , I'm putting all my white ingredients , which is just the milk , the melted butter , egg and just a drop of vanilla extract .

Now , the amount that these waffles will make is going to vary based on your waffle iron , which I'm going to preheat mine in just a little bit .

And so I can't tell you how many of these are gonna make .

So if your waffle iron is really big , it's gonna make less .

If it's really small , then it'll make more .

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So , all I'm doing is just mixing my white ingredients to get them all incorporated .

Now , we're going to add in our dry ingredients and I'm just gonna mix them to incorporate them , but I don't wanna overmix them .

Otherwise I'm not gonna get a very fluffy waffle , it'll be way too dense .

So just mix it for like 10 seconds .

If it's got a little lump here and there , that's perfectly fine .

A lumpy batter will be a fluffy batter when it comes to your waffles or pancakes or anything like that .

Now , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set this aside for about 5 to 10 minutes just to let it rest .

And in the meantime , I'm gonna grab my waffle iron and get it preheated .

My batter has been sitting for five minutes and I preheated my waffle iron .

Now , like I said , I can't tell you how long it takes to cook and I can't tell you how long , how much they make .

It depends on your waffle iron .

So , make sure you read the manufacturer instructions .

Well , just so , you know , like what temperature to put it on and all that kind of stuff .

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So , what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to brush it with a little bit of butter because I wanna make sure nothing sticks or you can use , um , vegetable oil .

If you don't wanna use butter , just brush it all the way through .

And this is a silicone batch of silicone pastry brush .

It's not gonna burn .

So don't worry about that .

And now I know that mine takes about like a third of a cup of batter for each batch .

So that's why I use a measuring cup and then you put it in the middle and you just coop it to the side , use a tiny , tiny bit more and then just put the lid on and when the little button turns green , then I know that that batch is done and then I'll move on to the next one .

Last one .

Oh , and look where it's going right on my plate now , like I said , mine made about four or five big ones actually , 12345 big ones .

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Um , it's gonna vary , you know , because of the waffle iron .

But these are just so delicious .

I like a little maple syrup , drizzled over the top .

I don't like a whole ton of it or I love , love , love waffles with um like berry compote .

Like a real fresh homemade berry compote or I like it with nutella .

You name it .

If it's a good waffle , I'll eat it .

However you give it to me .

This one right here .

Oops .

Mm .

That's so delicious , so delicious .

And if you wanna make these on a weekend , make a batch of them just like soap , wrap them individually in plastic wrap and then in the morning , pop them in the toaster and you have fresh home and waffles just like that need to buy the frozen ones at the supermarket because you can make them fresh , freeze them yourself and they'll taste 10 times better .

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I'm going back in for another bite .

I hope you enjoy spending time with me .

Go to www dot in the kitchen dot com to get this incredible simple recipe and I'll see you next time .

Bye .


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