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2023-08-08 07:13:26

How to Clean All White Nike Air Max 90s with Household Items

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What about youtube , Mikey here .

First things first , I want to wish all of you guys a happy New Year and I hope all of you are doing well .

Uh , I know it's been a while since I've released a video , but in today's video , I'm going to be cleaning my , uh , triple white air max nineties that I've been wearing for the last three years .

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Now , I know some of you are thinking that this shoe isn't even really that dirty .

And , uh , to be honest with you , it really isn't .

Uh , although I've had this shoe for three years , uh , I do take really good care of my things .

Uh I've never actually done a deep clean , like I'm gonna be doing today .

Um , usually I just , uh , uh , throat , you know , throughout the three years that I've owned it when the shoe gets a little spot on it , I'll take like a wet rag with a little soap on it and I'll just , you know , I'll wipe off any of the , the parts of the shoe that have some dirt on it .

So , because I do that , it really , uh , it , it doesn't allow the shoe to get that dirty .

But for the last six months , uh , I haven't done that .

I haven't wiped it or anything .

I just wore the shoe .

I wore it to , uh , the gym .

I wore it to walk my dog .

I even wore it , fixing my car , believe it or not .

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So , uh , the reason for this is because I wanted to do a , a cleaning video to see how , well , I could actually get the shoe , uh , back to its original state .

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video .

All right .

Now , before we get into the cleaning , uh , I wanna go over the things that I'm gonna be using for this video .

Uh , right over here , we have two white rags .

Uh , this right here is a medium bristle brush .

You can get this at your local dollar store or at a Walmart .

I have a Tupperware filled with water .

Here , I have a pair of shoe forms .

Uh , and these are gonna be used to , uh , put inside the shoe in case we need to throw them in the wash .

Uh , it's not for sure yet .

So , uh , just in case though , um , I don't know how the cleaning is gonna be going , but like I said , if we need to throw them in the wash , then these are gonna be , uh , used to keep the form of the shoe and lastly I have some detergent here .

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Uh , it doesn't really matter the brand , but in today's video , I'm gonna be using Gain .

I'm just gonna place , uh , this rig right here just to avoid making a mess .

And then in my , the Tupperware filled with water , I'm just going to put a couple drops of detergent .

I'm gonna mix it just with my finger over here .

Should be good .

Uh I guess I'll start with , uh , the left shoe .

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I'm just gonna remove the laces first just so I can easily access the whole shoe .

Oh , wow .

Yeah , this thing is definitely dirty .

All right .

Now that we have the laces out just gonna place the uh , shoelace over to the side and now I'm going to take my medium bristle brush .

You dip it in the uh , water with detergent and I'm just going to scrub away starting with the mesh .

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Do you know ?

It's weird .

These creases really got a bunch of dirt stuck in them .

So gonna apply some pressure here .

You can definitely tell that the dirt has been caked on here .

Uh , inside the air bubble here .

There's just kind of like a , a little uh edge here just around the top .

Uh , the uh , the bubble there , a lot of dirt built up there .

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Now , guys , when you're cleaning the mint , so , um , which is this part right here because the material is , it's a lot more durable than , than this , uh , leather and this mesh up here , you're gonna wanna apply , you know , a decent amount of pressure here .

Uh , if you have , uh , a stiffer bristle brush that might probably make your job a little easier , but I don't have one of those , so I'm just using this medium bristle one .

but yeah , you're gonna want to apply some pressure here and , yeah .

All right .

No , I'm gonna dry this off with my other rag just to see the progress that we have already made .

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Now , uh , the leather was able to , I was able to get the leather pretty white , but along the creases here on the tool box and right around here in the uh the air bubble here and pretty much where the uh mid soil meets the , the out soil , there's a bunch of dirt that is being really stubborn .

So , uh maybe I'll try to give it a little more scrubbing and we'll see how good I can get them .

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All right , I'm gonna give it one more drive to see uh how well I was able to get the dirt off .

Yeah , this dirt um stuck in between the crease right here .

It's pretty , pretty hard to uh to get rid of .

So I'm gonna see that we're , I'm probably gonna have to throw this in the wash .

I've never thrown a pair of shoes in the wash .

Before but I think I have the idea .

Um I've watched enough shoe cleaning videos to see um , how they've done it .

And um .

Yeah .

Alright .

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All right guys , so I wanted to show you uh , the progress on what I've done so far and this is just from the medium bristle brush uh and the uh , detergent with water now .

Yeah , I thought about it and uh I don't think I'm gonna bother to uh , clean the soles here just because these are a daily shoe and I know I'm gonna be wearing them every day .

So I feel like it would just kind of be a , a waste of efforts if I tried really hard to kind of get them , um , looking new again .

And honestly , I can already see the yellowing here , so I , it doesn't bother me .

Um , again , I haven't thrown them in the wash yet , so this is the progress so far .

I'm pretty happy with it , but right here along the creases and on the tongue of the shoe , there's still some dirt .

So I think I'm going to throw these in the wash .

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I still have yet to scrub the other , um , the other shoe .

So the , the right foot , uh , I'm not gonna bother showing you guys just because you guys have already seen , uh , me clean this one .

But before I throw them in the wash , I'll keep you guys posted here .

So I've got both of the shoes , uh , scrubbed , so I clean them to the best of my abilities .

Uh There is still a decent amount of dirt in the c in the crevices of like the creases and stuff like that .

So that's why I am going to throw these in the wash .

No , first things first , I'm gonna put these shoe forms in just to maintain the shape and then I'm gonna take my laces .

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Oh , put a little more detergent in this water .

I'm just gonna soak these all up .

And the reason I'm doing this is just to kind of loosen up the dirt in these laces .

All right .

Now , uh , from the videos that I've watched online a lot of the , uh , the shoe cleaning kits like rejuvenator and , and some of those other ones , um , they , they recommend putting the shoes in a mesh bag when you throw them in the washer .

But because , um , because I'm using household items and I specifically wanted to make this video , um , with like using completely household items , I found this pillow case here .

I think this should do the trick .

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So I'm just gonna put these shoes in the pillowcase and , uh , yeah , I'm just going to tie them up so they don't fall out .

Then I got my laces here .

So let's go over to the laundry room and let's get it started .

Now it's time to throw these in the wash .

As I mentioned earlier , I did throw these shoes in a pillow case .

Um , so I'm gonna just throw these in here .

I got the laces that I've soaked in some water and detergent , just gonna throw those right in and just to add some more things in the wash , I'm going to add just some white towels .

I , I wouldn't recommend using any colored ones because it might transfer onto the shoe .

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Um , and the reason I'm doing this I just wanna add some cushioning .

So the shoes , uh , you know , they're kind of fluffed up .

They have something , something that's , uh , adding some padding and whatnot .

So they don't just get , uh , thrown around there .

Yeah , I'm just getting some dirty white rags here .

All right .

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All right guys that just about wraps up , uh , pretty much everything to do with this cleaning video here .

Um , looking back at how the , the shoe turned out , I'm pretty happy with it .

Um , I mean , aside from the sole , I would say that the shoe does look pretty much brand new .

Um , and again , I don't really , it doesn't bother me that the , the soul is kind of dirty still and , and yellowed .

Uh , but yeah , um , I , I hope you guys got inspired to maybe clean a pair of your own white shoes , uh , using the , uh , materials that I did .

But , uh , if you enjoyed the video , don't forget to leave a thumbs up and until next time , peace


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