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2023-08-06 15:34:09

How To Develop A Creative Mind 6 Hacks For Creative Thinking _ Personal Development Tips

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Developing a creative mind means allowing yourself to relax and think outside of the box , you can become more creative by setting aside time to brainstorm ideas , breaking up your routine and seeking inspiration from people and places around you .

Travel , meditation and positive thinking can also do wonders .

In this video .

I will take you through six ways to develop a mind that is creative .

Let's begin to be creative .

Your mind should be at ease and free from all distractions around you .

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Once everyday stress and worries have left your mind , you will be able to imagine and think of new ideas , schedule quiet , uninterrupted time to relax and let your mind wander , schedule this time on a day off from work or during a part of the day when you have no commitments , avoid scheduling this time right before an important deadline or appointment , which may distract you in short set aside time for your brain to think creatively and away from all the chaos of everyday routine .

Designate a creative space with natural light , artificial lighting can cause a drop in cortisol levels leading to sleepiness and reduced productivity , natural light .

On the other hand , can make you more alert .

Choose a spot in your home or office for your creative thinking time that has windows and provides ample natural light during the day .

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A balcony , outdoor patio or quiet garden are excellent options for a creative space .

If you live in a small house , choose a spot in a nearby park .

The idea is to expose yourself to more natural light time , your creative sessions in the morning or early afternoon to make the most of daylight hours .

How many times in an hour do you peep into your phone ?

The truth is we cannot live without our mobile devices and the internet , but they bring in a lot of distractions , remove all digital distractions to improve your focus .

One of the most difficult parts of the creative process is finding the discipline to follow through with ideas , remove hindrances by eliminating electronic distractions .

While you allow your brain to think creatively turn off your phone , wifi connection , television and radio to immerse yourself in the project at hand .

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Now that you have chosen the right spot and removed all electronic distractions , it's time to brainstorm ideas .

Choose a specific issue , a recent problem or a goal you want to achieve to brainstorm about sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write down as many ideas as you can in a 45 to 60 minute period .

For instance , if you are planning to start a new business , describe the business in 200 to 300 words , why do you really want to do this business ?

How will it help people ?

Will your business solve an existing problem ?

What are the pros and cons of starting a business ?

How will you arrange funds ?

What's your backup plan ?

If the business fails , it will not only help you visualize your business plan but also make you aware of the challenges you are likely to face when you actually start the business .

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When you brainstorm ideas away from all the distractions , you will get more clarity and help you look at things from a different angle following a fixed routine , day in and out is the biggest enemy of creativity .

Why do I say so ?

A routine removes the need to think out of the box and keeps you away from new ideas .

But when you change your daily routine , it helps you expand your thought process .

It keeps you always on your toes and opens your mind creatively .

I am not asking you to make major changes to your routine .

You could do simple things such as take a new route to work .

Maybe you find an interesting billboard that could spark up some new ideas , change the arrangement of your work desk , listen to different music and podcasts from what you generally do .

These changes may sound small but they keep your thought process going and your brain at work .

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Creativity is contagious , surround yourself with other creative people to get inspired from , depending on your interests , you may get along well with entrepreneurs , photographers , writers or filmmakers , attend events , take lessons or join groups where you will have the opportunity to meet such people .

Motivational speeches can be catalysts for your creative thinking process .

Hearing about other people's experiences , creative efforts and success and failure stories can be a great push to develop a creative mind .

Look online for TED talks , pertain to your creative interests or attend lectures at a local seminar .

Remember you always gain something by watching and listening to others .

Maybe the ideas they share won't apply to your situation 100% .

But even if they make 5 to 10% of the difference they are worth watching .

That's all for today .

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Remember , a creative mind is one that is open to possibilities and not always about practical thoughts .

It is a mind that is not afraid to investigate new ideas and try new creative hobbies .

It is like having a mind without conventional boundaries .

If you think this video has inspired you to think creatively , give it a thumbs up , share it with your friends .

Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already , if you want us to make a video on a particular topic , let us know in the comments below .

I will see you very soon until then take care and keep thinking creatively .


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