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2023-08-07 14:09:59

How To Tie A Butchers Knot. Professional Butchers Knot. #SRP

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Hello .

Today I am going to show you how to tie a butcher's knot .

So I'm not making some weird dish with some neck of pork and some beans .

These are what we're going to practise on now .

A lot of my subscribers , they leave comments , they say , Can you show me that knot ?

You know , I have so many people asking me how to do it .

Uh , I've done it a couple of times in my videos , you know , people have slowed it down .

They've got the gist .

But everybody keeps saying , Please do it , you know , a video dedicated to it .

And this is what I'm gonna do now , I've seen loads of videos on YouTube tying knots , and no one ties knots like this .

You know , they all do that .

They get a little bit of string , they like , wrap it round , and they give it all that malarkey .

But this knot was taught to me by a 72 year old guy when I first started in the train .

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Uh , I've been in the train 27 years now , on and off , and I'm 42 and I learned this off one of the best .

So that's enough for the driving .

I'm going to show you how to tie them off .

So I'm going to set the camera , bring it in closer , and we get cracking so normally , Then you would tie this pork up that way .

But for the purpose of this , I'm going to type that way to show you the knot .

So what you do is you get your string under your meat , whatever you tie it up .

So you've got your two pieces .

You got your end , which you hold in your left hand and in your right hand .

So in between your finger and your thumb , you're just holding them and you loop it over your thumb to make a hole , and that is that You just pull it as tight as you want , and that will go really tight .

So we show you that again , get some more string .

I mean , I've watched loads of videos like I said on tie in , and they just like , tie it up like a parcel , which is no good .

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This is a proper proper but is not so left hand in the right hand .

You've got your string , so you just hold the two together between the thumb and the finger you loop .

Just throw it over and you've got your hole straight down the hole and you can pull that as tight as you want .

And that's going nowhere .

That really is a seriously strong knot , and I'll show you how much you can tension .

You can put on it in a minute , and it's not hard work to put the tension on because it's all well , basically , it's a slip knot and you're putting all the tension on like that .

You know , you haven't got to be hard .

Just slam it down and that's that .

So let's show you on this cab .

There's our can of beans in So pretend that's the joint .

So in the left hand we got the end .

We're holding the two .

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Throw it over so your thumb makes a loop through , and this is where you can give it some welly .

Now I'll show you .

You know it's not hard .

I'm not straining myself now , As you can see , it's going nowhere .

It's ti another so you can see that so hard to get it on the camera .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set the camera up and I'm gonna do a version .

Slow down and that .

Who's that simple , right ?

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Let me show you a slow mo right going all technical with the aerial view so you can see again under the joints left hand between someone finger Loop it over the thumb till you make a loop and down through it Put it on the joint , pull it tight Make a loop just to tie it off And that's that .

So I shall slow this down now So enjoy some cheesy music while we watch it in slow mo .

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I hope you enjoyed that .

Like I said , the reason we tie this , you know , is to keep the joint uniform .

So it all cooks evenly , you know , And this not trust me .

Go online .

You know , on YouTube .

Have a look and you won't find anybody doing knots like that .

I found one guy at a thousands .

It was near enough , you know , spot on .

But that is the knot .

You need hope .

You enjoyed that .

Any questions ?

Just leave me comments or , you know , go on , Twitter , talk to me any time at well at Scott Project Hope you enjoyed that .

Thanks for watching


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