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2023-08-08 07:05:18

Chicken and Waffles With Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix

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Hello and welcome to Science to be on this channel today on the menu is Down South chicken and waffles .

I know you're probably saying with something I've seen play tutorials about chicken and waffles .

What is so special about your chicken and waffles ?

When you miss the key word down South , I'm gonna show you how to prepare chicken and waffles and we're gonna do it boneless now because when I'm getting down on the , get down of eating my chicken and waffles , I want to enjoy both together .

So with that in mind , let's get started .

Ok .

Here are the simple ingredients and the UTIs that you're gonna need in order to prepare your waffles .

Now , I have gone ahead already to prepare the chicken tenders .

That's gonna be on a later tutorial .

You do not want to miss that because I'm gonna show you how to make light thin , crispy , crunchy , delicious chicken tender .

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That's gonna be on a later tutorial .

But for right now , let's go ahead and prepare these waffles to go with that chicken .

What you're gonna need is a waffle maker .

I have the food Network waffle maker that I've purchased from Cole's and it has a four unit waffle .

So that's enough to accommodate two people unless you just have a person in your family with a healthy appetite .

The next thing I need is a bowl .

I'm gonna use this larger size bowl because I'm gonna make enough to accommodate the waffle iron .

The mix that I'm gonna use today is gonna be the Mima complete pancake and waffle mix and you only have to add water to this and we're gonna use this spam butters spray .

You don't have to necessarily use the butter , but I'm gonna use the butter to coat my waffle iron before I begin the cooking process .

Ok ?

So the first thing you wanna do , we're gonna take a larger size bowl .

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I'm gonna take my pancake mix and pour it into a one cup measurement .

I'm gonna do it over the sink so I won't make a mess or you can do it over your bowl .

The car gonna do one more cup , which will make two cups .

Now , if , if you're a single person , you only need to use one cup .

Now , to mix with this dry mix , I'm gonna use one cup of water .

We're gonna start with one cup of water since I have placed two cups of pancake mix into my bowl .

I'm gonna start off with one cup of water and I'm gonna use a fork to get all the kinks and the clumps up out of this pancake mix .

Now you may make a little mess as I'm doing .

But , um , you can go back and clean it up .

Now , we see that's a little bit too thick .

So , what we wanna do is we have two cups of mix .

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We're gonna go ahead and add , instead of another cup , we're gonna use a half a cup .

So we have two cups of dry mix with a cup and a half of water .

And we want to stir that up really good because when you're making waffles , you want it to be a little bit thicker than you would for the pancakes .

I wanna stir that up real good .

OK .

Stir like this for probably about , about 30 30 seconds to a minute .

And as you can see all my lumps are completely gone within my pancake mix and this is how I want it .

I want it sort of thick .

We don't want a thin waffle and this is how you want it .

You want it sort of thick .

You don't want it real soapy because you're making waffles .

All the lumps are add up of the pancake mix .

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I wanna take that out .

I'm gonna do a , now , the next thing you wanna do is go ahead and coat your pan , spray the bottom real good .

I'm gonna take the spoon stir a little bit .

We're gonna pour in the sections .

I'm gonna try not to put too much in here because I don't want to have any spills and that may happen .

But we're gonna try not to have any spin offs if we can put all of that in there .

I really want a full packet .

So I'm trying to sure it spread .

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Now , I'm gonna go ahead and we're gonna spray , you can , if you have a top coat like this , you don't necessarily have to spray that .

You can spray the waff itself close it .

We're gonna set it .

I have it on crispy because we like our waffles to be sort of crispy .

So I set the dough to crispy .

I wanna go ahead and clean some of my mess up .

Why ?

That's ok .

Let's go ahead and check on our waffle because the indicator like just be , we're gonna open it up .

Ok ?

For me .

That is perfect .

I'm gonna go ahead and remove it with a fork from the side .

I'm gonna lift it up gently from the side .

I'm gonna put it on something to cool .

Probably a plate with um , a napkin because you don't want it to sweat .

And that is my desired color .

So I'm good with that color .

If you don't want it this light , you can leave it in your waffle maker a little bit longer to cook to it .

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Reach the desired color that you're looking for , that's gonna do it for me .

Ok .

Now , this is the color that I like .

I don't really like it too dark or too hard .

I'm gonna go ahead and top that with some of my chicken tenders that I prepared earlier .

We're gonna go ahead and plate that and top it off with the chicken tender and we're also gonna use a side dish .

We gonna use a side dish for our because , um , for those of you who want to just dip your chicken and waffles and for those of you who wants to drizzle it over your chicken waffles , it would be fine .

But I prefer to put mice in a bowl because I really don't like my waffles to be too soggy .

So we're gonna go ahead and plate this with the chicken on top .

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So there you have it down South chicken and waffles .

I made some waffles that were dark .

I made some waffles that was light .

That way .

We have a combination to serve everyone in the chicken tenders .

I cut these up myself .

I battered them and deep fried them .

So they have like a light crispy taste to them .

Served with my favorite syrup .

If you wanna add margarine to your syrup , that's fine .

But this has butter in it already .

So we don't need that .

So enjoy .

Now , you know what ?

Make my Down South chicken and waffle so special until next time .

Oh .


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