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2023-08-08 07:04:50

Homemade Waffles Recipe - From Scratch - How To Make Waffles -Diane Kometa-Dishin' With Di #110

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Hi , I'm Diane Kata .

And today on dishing with die , I'm gonna show you how to make homemade waffles .

Perfect for breakfast .

And I like them with a little bit of ice cream too .

So let's get started on dishing with die .

You need some all purpose flour .

You also need some corn , starch or corn flour , some baking powder , some vegetable oil , some whole milk and egg vanilla , extract some sugar and some salt .

You can see that these are all very basic ingredients here .

And the important thing is that you measure your flour , right ?

And that is something you might say .

Well , that sounds kind of simple .

Diane .

I think I measure my flour .

Right .

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Well , if you scoop your , um , measuring cup into the flour like that real hard , you're gonna get too much flour because it's packing down in there .

So what you wanna do is just get a scoop or if you don't have a scoop , get a spoon and then just pour it into your measuring cup like this or spoon it in whatever you have and then take , um , a , a knife , the back of the knife or if you don't have a knife handy , you could just go with your finger , but you don't want to pack it down and just level that off .

So then there we have our flour and now what we're gonna do is put the other dry ingredients in there and you know , something as simple as that is like really important when you're making a cake or anything .

So there goes the baking powder and the corn starch and the corn starch in this is , it's gonna make this really light and fluffy so similar to like if you used a cake flour .

Ok .

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So now on top of that , we're gonna add a little bit of salt because nothing is complete without some salt in it because that's gonna bring out all of the flavors .

And now we're just gonna whisk that together really well , you want all this combined thoroughly .

Now the wet ingredients .

So we have our milk and this has been sitting at room temperature and I'm just gonna take this vegetable oil and I'm gonna add that in and the vegetable oil is gonna help with the crispness of this .

So , rather than using butter , which is um , you know , not 100% fat , it's 80% fat and then has some water and some milk solids .

We're using the vegetable oil and then we have the egg in there and I just like to put everything in a measuring cup like this and then we're gonna add in some pure vanilla extract .

I like that a little bit better than the imitation .

And of course , we have to put some sugar in .

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This is gonna help with flavor like sweetness , but also it's gonna help with tenderness .

So once all that's in there , just give that a little whisk around and then we're just gonna dump this wet mixture into the dry mixture .

So just pour it all right on in .

Now , the one thing that's a little bit different about this particular waffle batter compared to others is that we want to mix this thoroughly .

So you're gonna take this and whisk it really well , after we're done , we're gonna let this rest for between 15 and 30 minutes .

You can even let it rest for up to an hour if you want to .

And what that's gonna do is give the flour a chance to absorb as much of that liquid as possible , kind of similar to like a Yorkshire pudding or my Crepes recipe .

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So it's the same concept .

Now , I just want to get all of the lumps out of this and make this nice and smooth .

I like to just put a little piece of plastic over the top so that nothing interferes with it .

And then you're just gonna let this rest for like I said , between 15 and 30 minutes .

So go set your table , go clean up the little mess you made and then when we come back , I'll show you how to cook them .

My batter has been resting for about 30 minutes and I also have my waffle iron heating up .

So you just want to follow the instruction , instructions for your waffle iron , whatever they might be and get the settings correct and make sure that's heated properly .

Now , if you're making a really big batch of waffles , you might want to turn your oven on to like 2 25 .

So that you're not , you know , putting waffles aside on a plate because what's gonna happen with them is they are going to get cold and they're gonna get soggy because the steam .

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So what I like to do is get a baking sheet and I'll put a wire cooling rack on top and then as the waffles are done , I'll put them over there and then I'll pop them in the oven to keep them warm .

Now , the reason you want to put the rack on there is because if you put the waffles right on to the baking sheet , they're still hot and they're gonna be releasing uh moisture through the steam and then they're still gonna get soggy on the bottom .

Ok .

So if you do this , then they'll , you know , at least have some air circulating under them , so they'll stay crisp , but don't leave them in there too long because they will get dried out .

So what we're gonna do is get our batter and you can see this is a non stick waffle iron .

So you don't want to grease a nonstick waffle iron .

There is plenty of fat in the batter itself so they will not stick .

But again , follow your manufacturer's instructions .

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So , for me , I know exactly how much I need or just about exactly , you're gonna take the batter and pour it right onto your waffle iron and I might need just a little bit more .

But if you put too much , what happens is it overflows out the side , so close your wa waffle iron and put it on the setting that you feel comfortable with .

So sometimes if you're new with this , it might take a little while for you to , you know , figure out what setting is best for you .

So , you know , the first one just call that the test and then I'll show you what this looks like when it's all done .

Ok ?

Here is my last waffle and you can see it's nice and crispy on the outside and the other waffles .

I have them over here on the rack and they're still crisp and I can pop those in the oven .

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Now , the other great thing is you could take those and you can let them cool off like that and then wrap them up and , and then put them in a freezer safe bag , pop them in your freezer or even just your fridge and then when you want them , you can just put them in the toaster So you have really a quick breakfast there or you could just have them in the toaster with your ice cream , which is the way I really love them .

So I have some maple syrup here , but I have a pumpkin spice syrup that I make for pancakes and stuff .

So that really goes well with this too .

But I'm just gonna take a little bit of butter and put that on and drizzle a little bit .

Well , wait , let me just put some of this powdered sugar on there because I think that looks really pretty too .

Right .

And then you can put a little bit of maple syrup on there just like that .

That looks like a pretty picture .

So , let's see how crunchy I could have just picked this up with my hand .

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Mm .

Oh , yeah .

Heard that crispy .

And they're light on the inside .

You have to try these .

The recipe is on my website dishing with die dot com and I hope I made your life a little easier , more enjoyable and delicious .

Like , subscribe and share .

I'll see you next time .

Bye bye .


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