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2023-08-07 14:20:10

How to Kiss

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How to kiss , whether you've never been kissed or have been kissing for ages .

It never hurts to brush up on the basics and learn a few new tips .

Consider this the definitive guide on how to kiss .

You will need fresh breath and a partner .

Step one , freshen your breath .

If brushing your teeth isn't possible and mouth wash and gum aren't handy .

Take a few swigs of water to help rinse away , odor causing bacteria and food particles , run your tongue over your lips to moisten them .

Step two , tilt your head to the right as you come in for the kiss .

Two thirds of humans do even if they're left handed .

So this reduces the odds of bumping noses , close your eyes just before your lips touch , relax your lips , so they're slightly parted .

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No one wants to feel like they're kissing a brick wall .

Step three after your lips meet .

Let passion be your guide for how to kiss .

If your partner seems tentative , keep your tongue to yourself and just peck and nibble at their lips , you can always progress to French kissing later .

Remember to breathe through your nose .

Studies show that men are fond of very wet kisses and tongue contact than women who often complain that guys use too much tongue .

Step four , learning how to kiss involves hands too .

Put them around your partner's waist or neck , run your fingers through their hair or to be really romantic .

Cup their face in your hands .

Step five .

As you gain kissing confidence , experiment with different techniques like sucking and gentle biting and vary the pressure and tempo .

Notice what your partner is doing so you can learn from them .

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Step six , let your partner come up for air every once in a while because when it comes to being a good kisser , knowing when to take a break is as important as knowing how to kiss .

Did you know men's saliva has trace amounts of testosterone .


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