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2023-08-07 14:44:30

Chettinad Chicken _ South Indian Chicken Curry _ How to make Chicken Chettinad _ Varun Inamdar

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South of India has given us a lot of culinary gems .

One of those many is certainly a chicken chain .

It's aromatic spicy and immensely flavorful .

Hey guys , it's a bomb there and welcome to get curried for the chicken chain .

The first step is to marinade the pieces of chicken .

I've taken curry cuts and to which Aladdin , some lemon juice to this Aladdin , some turmeric powder and along with this , some salt , give this a nice mix and allow the chicken to marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes .

And while that's happening , let's start making the chet n spice mix for this .

I'm gonna heat some sesame oil and while that's heating up , I'll throw in some whole spices .

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In this case , coriander some fennel seeds , cumin seeds , black peppercorn along with this some blades of mace and cloves .

Cinnamon stick stares green cardamom and black cardamom allow this to salty a little keeping the flame constantly on moderate while this is happening , I'll also add in some bay leaves .

This is followed by lichen flour or stone flour , which is a peculiar spice used in chain .

Give this a nice mix and at this stage , we'll add in some cloves of garlic .

This has sauted for two minutes on moderate flame at this stage .

Now let's add in the dried red chilies , carefully snip the stock and add this to the spice mix .

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Choose a variety of chili that gives you nice pecan spice and not the color because Cinna typically is a nice deep brown colored gravy .

Once the spices get nice and toasted and if you notice the color has become deep brown , turn the flame off and remove it on another plate .

It's imperative to transfer this on a plate to stop the cooking process .

The pan goes back on flame on moderate heat again .

And I'll add in the grated coconut .

I'm using fresh coconut .

You can alternately use a mix of dried and fresh coconut .

The coconut has turned nice and brown , turn the flame off and transfer this on another plate .

Allow this to cool down completely .

The spices have cooled down .

I'll transfer this into a grinder and we need to grind this into a fine paste .

But just before that , I'm adding three critical ingredients .

The first one is seeds .

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The second one is some ginger and finally some thin with the help of little water .

Let's grind this .

Now , I've ground this into a fine paste .

Perfect .

Next , let's move on to cooking the spice .

The first thing that goes in is some sesame oil again .

Let's quickly slice some shallots .

Well , alternately , you could also use red onions but shallots are traditionally used .

The oil is heated up .

Let's slide in the sliced onions with this .

I'm also adding in some curry leaves sa this on medium flame for around a minute or so .

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Once the onions turn slightly golden brown in color , I'll add in the marinated pieces of chicken , turn the flame on high .

And so this for 2 to 3 minutes , the chicken is seared .

Well , time to add in the nut masala .

Let's add in some water in the mixer grinder to make sure we do not waste any of that precious spice .

Mix time to add in some salt .

But remember we had added some while marinating the chicken , give this a nice stir .

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Once the curry begins to bubble , lower the flame , cover it and allow it to cook for 15 to 20 minutes .

Well , the chicken is cooked and ready .

One final stop and off goes the flame and finally a few sprigs of fresh coriander chicken and wait for what makes the bomber chef gets into your kitchen .


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