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2023-08-06 16:11:10

How to Download full Music Albums on iPhone Ipod Touch using Dtunes FREE part 1

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Hello , everyone .

Uh Wayne iphone tips and tricks CEO coming to you to bring you a tutorial on how to download a um full length music albums onto your iphone or ipod touch .

Absolutely free .

Uh When you uh have downloaded uh all of the necessary applications from the tools needed section above , then you're ready to proceed with this tutorial .

The first thing you're gonna do is open up D tunes and you're going to hit the search , search at the bottom and then you're gonna tap on torrents here that will bring you to the pirate bay dot org uh website .

Uh That website is uh where you can download uh various uh various files for your , I'm sorry , various touring files for your uh use .

Uh So this is what the site looks like .

It's pirate bay dot org .

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And we're going to uh scroll down here to where it says uh audio and we're gonna put a check mark in audio and then we're going to type in the field .

Um , you're type in whatever album you would like to , uh let's just type in uh one of my favorite albums .

It's John Legend .

John Legend OK ?

And the , the name of the album is called Get Lifted , Get Lifted , ok ?

And I'm looking for MP3 , so I'll type that in also MP3 , ok ?

And then I hit pirate search there and uh this will take a minute or two depending on how fast your connection is and there we have it .

There is your John Legend filed file .

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I know this is just a torrent file so we download that .

I'll look , I'll click on the first one .

It looks good and then it should give you a description of what the what the torrent holds .

Uh things like the uh album cover and the uh title of the tracks .

So we'll wait for that to load there .

It is .

So there's the album cover here and John Legend and then here it gives you a title .

It gives you a listing of all of the tracks there .

So what you wanna do is scroll to where it says download this torrent .

So you wanna tap on that , download this Torrent and it should , it should pull up your uh Safari download plug in .

Now here it says here at the bottom where it says uh V mobile library downloads folder .

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I'd like you to write this down somewhere maybe on a piece of paper because you will need this uh very , very soon .

So you need to know this file directory .

So uh write that down somewhere for your for later use .

It's forward slash va R forward slash mobile forward slash library .

Uh library is capitalized and forward slash downloads also capitalized .

So write that down and then you would hit download here at the top and then it's gonna take maybe a second or two to download .

There it is .

It'll say download complete and now you're ready to continue .

So you're going to exit out of this program here and you're going to pull up a mobile finder there in mobile finder .

This is actually a listing of all of the files that are located on your iphone or ipod touch .

So we're going to go into Mobile finder and we're gonna find that torrent file .

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If you go to the top arrow here where it says up , you just tap on that until you actually get all the way back to the first page .

And then you know , you're , you're , you're in the first page because you'll see where you'll see a folder called private .

So you tap on private and then you tap on VA R .

That same directory that you wrote down is what you're going into .

So VA R the next would be mobile , the next would be library and the next would be downloads and then you should have your John Legend file located in here and there it is get lifted .

So we're gonna tap that once and hit mode , modify , then we're gonna tap up here where it says file name and we're gonna erase this whole thing here so we can label it something just a little bit shorter .

And what I'll do is I'll name it JL for John Legend .

Now it has to be a dot Torrent file .

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So I'll type that also in dot Torrent dot Torrent , ok .

So we have there J L JL dot Torrent and then we'll hit done at the bottom .

So there's our file now JL dot Torrent .

So we're actually done here .

Uh So now to proceed , uh I'm going to cut this video and then you can start on part two of the video .


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