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2023-08-07 14:29:09

SECRET to Removing Popcorn Ceilings FAST!

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What's up 40 people .

Today's video is something I didn't really plan on doing this video , but this is something that's affected me since I was a child .

And I think it probably has affected a lot of you as well .

And I just feel like now is a good time to bring this to light .

And that is my hatred of all things .

Popcorn , popcorn is disgusting .

It tastes burnt and nasty .

I hate , it gets stuck in your teeth .

But that's not really the popcorn I wanna talk about today .

Let's talk about popcorn on ceilings .

I happen to be at uh our old house that we're getting ready to paint and sell .

And if you know me , you know how much I love painting .

I mean , it's probably my favorite thing .

The only thing I could think of that I like better than painting is getting maybe a two by four stuck in my eye .

But before we can paint in here , I've got to get this ceiling scraped .

I've done this several times over the years to varying success because it's just a miserable process .

And then I've seen some other people do it and I was like , stupid .

Why didn't I think of that ?

So , that's the way I'm gonna do it today .

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And that's what I'm gonna show you .

The first thing you'll need for this project is a sprayer .

You can use a little spray bottle and fill that with water if you want .

Or , uh , one of those pump sprayers , like you would spray weeds around your yard .

This is kind of like the miniature version of that .

The next thing you'll need is like a wide putty knife or what is actually a taping knife .

And you can see , I've got this , uh , this is a 12 inch taping knife that I have taped to a painter's pole and this is what I'm gonna scrape the ceiling with because we're remodeling this place .

The carpet's already torn out of here .

So that makes it a lot easier if that wasn't the case .

Obviously , you'd want to put some plastic down on the floor .

Ok .

I've given that just a couple of seconds to soak in .

Let's make it rain .

Ok , in the morning .

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Yeah .

Once you get the majority of it scraped to the edge , make sure you take a broom or something and go ahead and knock that off and then knock everything off of the walls so that it doesn't dry on there .

So this works on painted or not painted popcorn ceilings .

Um , it actually works a lot easier if the ceilings have not been painted , you can see here on this dry popcorn ceiling that when you spray the water on it , you can actually see it soaking in .

So you can , you can see a lot easier where you've sprayed it and watch how much easier this popcorn comes off .

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The , when the ceiling has been painted , the popcorn comes off in sheets .

When it hasn't been painted , it comes off just in powder .

Basically that the ceiling that had been painted probably took me about 15 minutes .

The ceiling that had not been painted probably took about 10 minutes .

I'll have a little bit more touch up on the ceiling that had been painted just because I had to push a little bit harder .

So the knife did dig in a few places .

But as you can see , it's very easy to do it .

There's no excuse to not get your popcorn off your ceiling because don't nobody want no popcorn on a ceiling .

See you next time .

Kettle corn , kettle corn is not bad .

I can stomach kettle corn .

Still not my favorite .


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