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2023-08-08 07:11:26

How To Clean Sneakers, White Or Colored, Converse, Nike, Disel Shoes

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Hi guys in today's video .

I'm gonna show you how I clean my sneakers and make them look new .

Again .

In this case , I have converse .

I have guests .

I have diesel .

I have Nikes and I have some other brand down there .

As you can see , they're pretty darn dirty .

These are the guest shoes uh that shouldn't be too hard and this is the converse and , and I'm gonna have to do some magic and notes , but eventually they will look like this nice and clean and shiny and squeaky .

And obviously it is much easier to clean your sneakers if you remove the laces and the soles .

And usually I put the laces in one of these mesh baggies and just put it in a washing machine .

Um However , some of the shoes , as you can see , you cannot remove the soles .

So I am going to have to wash those as they are .

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So before you start washing your sneakers , those the shoelaces and the soles in the washing machine with some laundry detergent and two tablespoons of baking soda and let them wash and now to wash five pairs of sneakers , you will need two tablespoons of down dishwasher soap and then in a separate bowl , you will need four tablespoons of down dishwasher soap , mixed with four tablespoons of baking soda .

You will need a soft brush and you will need a harder brush start by soaking your uh sneakers with water .

And obviously , if you're just washing one or two pairs of sneakers , you will have to modify the amounts that I just gave you .

So you don't waste any baking soda or down dishwasher soap .

So I'm gonna start by washing the soles of the tennis shoes or the sneakers that I couldn't remove the sauce just with the dishwasher soap using a toothbrush .

So you can uh stick the toothbrush further in where the tools are and just grab it really well .

So I have two pairs that I couldn't remove the sauce .

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So right now I'm washing these two and then I'm just gonna set them aside .

Next , I'm gonna start cleaning the sides of the shoes by applying the baking soda and dishwasher soap mixture .

And at this point , I'm just applying it .

I'm not scrubbing .

I'm just applying it all around every one of the shoes and with black sneakers like those uh be careful and do the best .

You can not to apply any of the baking soda mixture and the actual shoe because baking soda tends to bleach things .

So you don't want your sneakers to turn great and I will use the same baking soda in the dish was soap mixture to clean my white shoes .

So at this point , just like with the sides of the shoes , I am just applying the mixture all around the shoes and I will apply the baking soda and dishwasher soap and the white parts of my diesel shoes .

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Then I applied just the dishwasher soap and all the dark sneakers because I don't want the color to fade on those and I just applied it .

I didn't wash them .

So I let all my sneakers sit with the cleaning solutions for about 15 minutes and then I use the hard brush to scrub the shoes and the side of the shoes .

Then I rind all the sneakers with clean water and let them dry in the sun for a few hours and this is how I make all my sneakers look brand new just using dishwasher soap and baking soda .

Thank you for watching guys .

I will see you next week .

Bye .


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