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2023-08-06 16:09:40

How to Kiss with a Beard _ Eric Bandholz

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What's going on the internet ?

It is your boy Eric Ban Holtz back again with another awesome episode from Beard Brand .

And today I'm gonna tell you how to kiss with a beard .

Now , before we get into all the details about how to go on kissing , kissing with the beer to beard there , I wanna tell you guys a few things about people .

See you'll read these guides and you'll see these videos and you'll check everything out that says there's one way to do things .

Well , here's the thing , everyone is different and that means the partner that you're gonna be kissing has different preferences in their life .

So some people dig big beards , some people dig no beards , some people dig subtle .

Some people love kissing .

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Some people display affection in different ways , whether it's hugging or other intimate contact .

So if you read somewhere out there that says women don't like kissing beards or don't like kissing guys with beards , then the chances are that's one person and there are other people out there .

So it doesn't mean you have to be someone else so you can kiss because there's people out there who like kissing guys with beards now having a giant mustache like this , it gets in the way of things .

There's no way around that .

If I eat soup , I'm getting soup in my beer .

If I eat hot wings , it's getting in the lips .

I can't eat chili dogs anymore .

All right .

If I kiss my wife , she's getting hair in her mouth .

In fact , I'm probably getting hair in my mouth .

It's just what happens .

Right .

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But here's the thing , I'm not kissing 10 hours a day , believe it or not , I've been married 10 years .

So last night I was talking to my wife about what it's like to kiss with me and she describes it as cuddly and furry and comforting .

Ok .

So , I don't know , I don't get the terms like passionate and love stories and what's his name ?

Flavio Flavio .

I don't know his name , the guy with the long hair .

So those days are behind me , but it doesn't mean I can get a good kiss in here or there or whenever .

So the first way to do it is you just plow right in .

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That's where you get mustache and all you just go in .

Those are gonna be your quick packs .

Don't have anything to worry about .

Go right and do it .

Your second way is going to be a little bit awkward looking .

But if you really need to get access in there and you need to get some good tongue action lifted up the stash part , the seas .

You're like Moses here .

OK .

Iiii I how do you guys kiss ?

Right ?

I don't kiss like that .

Maybe you guys do .

That's another video .

All right .

So that's tip number two .

It's kind of awkward .

You're in there kissing .

I don't really recommend that .

What I found the best technique when it comes to kissing is I wanna call it the pucker and downward motion .

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So imagine these are the lips you packer and then as you come in for a kiss , you're coming in in a downward motion .

And what that does is it allows you to get your mustache right there .

So check it out and see it .

Do it again .

Boom .

There's like no lips getting in the mouth .

Nothing like that .

Hm .

Uh Anyways guys , I hope you enjoyed it .

Good luck with your kissing and your beards as always .

Thanks for everything .

Cheers and beer on .


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