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2023-08-07 14:27:31

Cooking With My Son - Epi 10 _ Popcorn Chicken _ Crispy Fried Chicken _ KFC Style Chicken Popcorn

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Hello and welcome to home cooking .

So today I'm gonna share a very exciting and very interesting recipe with all of you .

But first I need to ask you this .

When was the last time you had popcorn chicken ?

Well , I haven't had popcorn chicken in a long time and I've never had homemade popcorn chicken .

Ok .

So uh how much do you like popcorn chicken a lot ?

Personally , even I love popcorn chicken .

It's so nice and crispy and it's a great finger food .

It's a nice snack .

So today that's what we're gonna do .

We're gonna make popcorn chicken restaurant style .

Are you excited ?

Let's get started .

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Let's get started for this recipe .

I've taken half kilo of boneless chicken .

So make sure you cut it into small pieces .

So a has cut the chicken into small pieces so you can see the size .

It's a nice bite size .

The next step is to marinate the chicken .

So we're just gonna put all of this into that .

Yes .

So can you just tell what we have here ?

Ok .

So there's lemon garlic , soy sauce , red chili sauce , salt pepper chili powder .

So these are the ingredients that are going into the uh marination .

Alright .

So first we'll start with lemon .

Yeah , just squeeze it .

Yeah , just squeeze it .

So this is the juice of one small lemon .

So half the juice from the lemon has actually come out of the bowl .

Is this one ?

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Ok .

So make sure the juice is inside the bowl .

Ok .

So next we've added some chopped garlic .

I think there are about uh actually five cloves of garlic that have been chopped , closing the soy sauce now .

Yeah , that's about two teaspoons of soy sauce .

Red chili paste , chili sauce .

Yeah , that's about two teaspoons .

And then what do I do for this ?

I add one teaspoon of salt , one piece of chili powder .

Should we add one more teaspoon ?

Make it a little more spicy .

Alright .

So we've added two teaspoons of chili powder .

That's enough .

That'll be two .

This has to be controlled .

This has to be controlled .

You can't add then half teaspoon of pepper .

Add it all the ingredients for marination .

How long does this need to be marinated for ?

So it'll be nice if you marinate it for about an hour , you know , ideally that it's the best .

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So all the the chicken actually should absorb all the flavors .

So when you have the popcorn chicken , when you bite into it , it'll be nice and juicy .

So that's how you want it .

Yeah .

So you can see the chicken pieces are beautifully coated in the marinade .

So we'll just let this sit for about an hour .

So the chicken has been marinating for an hour now .

So we're going to mix some eggs into it .

So , what are we gonna do next is we're gonna crack open two eggs into this chicken , right ?

So , you get started on that because my egg cracking skills are terrible .

Ok .

So you're afraid it might fall off .

Let's see .

Ok .

So we'll add one .

Ok .

I think mine will be a bit better than that .

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Hi , you crack the shell .

So we've taken two eggs because we've used half kilo of chicken .

So if you're using uh lesser chicken , like maybe say 2 50 g , one egg will be enough .

So just make sure you just coat all the pieces in the egg .

Ok .

So I think you think that's good enough , good enough , shall we just leave that aside ?

So we'll just keep this aside and we're gonna mix the flour .

So next to the bowl , we're gonna add two cups of flour .

This is all purpose flour or because we need that much flour to coat all the chicken pieces .

So we're gonna season the flour with a little bit of salt .

Just add quarters of salt , water spoon , poder tea chili .

You can put another quarter actually .

So that's about half teaspoon of chili powder .

That's another , you don't need so much of chili powder and a little bit more .

It's fine and then quarters spon of pepper .

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So just mix it .

I mix it with the quality here .

We mix it with this .

We , we mix it with a Spiderman patch back .

Oh You found it ?

Yeah .

So this is the important step the room .

So what we need to do is we're gonna dip the chicken pieces in the flour .

We're gonna coat the chicken pieces in the flour .

Keep it aside and then we'll have to double coat it one more time .

So I'll show you as and when we go .

Ok .

So do you wanna do this ?

Now ?

You do a little bit , then I'll do the rest .

So we just take the chicken pieces .

Alright .

We're just taking a few , put it into the flour .

Just see .

Oh no , this is the first step .

Then you do the same thing , the same thing again , but not like this , you're gonna remove it , just make sure you dust dusted nicely .

Can you see that ?

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So the flow stuck to the chicken pieces and you want to keep the little side .

So I've done most of it .

So I'm gonna let do the rest .

So this is the first coating .

We will be doing a double coating .

So that's the key to get this nice crispy popcorn chicken .

So we've done the first coating for the chicken pieces .

So we're gonna do a double coating .

So I'm gonna do that next .

So what we'll do is we'll keep the chicken pieces here .

You're not gonna add anything .

Is this enough ?

That's enough , that's enough .

So it's just a mild coating that we want to do .

So this is gonna be done very quickly .

This is just to make sure the pieces are nice .

You wanna drop the chicken into that ?

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Yeah , you mix this and it will be easier .

Could you do that and then put it in the other bowl ?

OK .

OK .

So that's easier , right ?

So this is what we're gonna do .

We're gonna put the chicken pieces back into the egg wash one more time .

So this is what the double coating is all about .

I have to make sure you have a lot of bowls for this .

Yeah .

So that way it's easier for you and you can do it quickly at one go .

So after you coat the chicken pieces , make sure you just dust off the flour , the excess flour , you don't want too much on the chicken pieces .

So now let's start making the popcorn chicken .

So we're gonna deep fry this .

All right .

So take a nice deep cut .

We're gonna need enough oil for deep frying .

So pour that .

Just tell me , you understand .

OK .

Keep boring .

Keep boring .

Let's put all of it .

Keep going .

Yeah .

All of it .

All of it .

Yes , that's good .

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So we'll just wait for the oil to heat up and then we will start gently deep frying all the chicken pieces .

Ok .

OK .

How long does the chicken take to cook for 2 to 3 minutes should be enough .

So once it's got a lovely golden crunch to it , we can remove it .

Ok ?

Because these are small pieces , you know , you don't need too much time to cook and it's already nicely marinated .

Why don't you check with the chicken ?

How hot the oil is ?

Ok .

You can see if it's bubbling or not .

All right .

So I'm just gonna put a small piece to test if the oil is hot enough , it's not hot enough to bubble a bit more .

Yeah , so you can see the chicken has not come to the top , it's still at the bottom .

So that's an indication that the oil is not hot enough .

So if you want the oil to bubble up immediately , as soon as you drop the chicken pieces , the chicken piece starts right .

So I think the oil is ready .

So you want the chicken pieces to scissor like this as soon as you drop them in oil .

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So I think the oil is ready .

We'll gently start dropping the chicken pieces .

Can you see how it's bubbling ?

Yeah , it's bubbling a lot .

So you need to maintain the flame on a low when the once the oil is hot enough , you don't want to keep it on high flame because you want the chicken pieces to cook through .

Alright .

Can see that it's flattering a lot .

Yeah , that's fine .

I see the color .

Yeah , it's starting to turn , it looks like a nice , good color .

It's a nice , golden brown color .

So I'm gonna take it off .

So we're gonna just check to see if it's cooked inside .

We're just gonna check the first piece .

That's Yeah , that's perfect .

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Can you see you want to taste it ?

It's very hot .

We'll wait for it later .

OK ?

So start frying the pieces in batches and then you can serve it nice and hot .

So there you go guys .

Here is this fantastic and delicious popcorn chicken .

It's super crispy on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside .

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But I think I'll let tell what he thinks it's gonna taste for .

That's actually really tasty , tasty .

So maybe next time when you're watching a movie with your friends or catching a game , do you think you'll make that for your friends ?

It's really easy to make it easy to make , right ?

And it's so yummy .

I've actually made this dip of , it's a mayo spicy , it's spicy mayo dip .

You can have it with ketchup or mayo or any other dip of your choice .

OK .

All right .

So guys hope you enjoyed this recipe because I really enjoyed uh making it for you guys and of course for my son , he loves it .

Actually , he just loves this recipe .

So catch you guys again next time .

See you .

Bye .


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