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2023-08-06 16:00:10

How to Tie a Bow Tie _ The Art of Manliness

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Well , hello there , Brett mckay here from the art of manliness dot com .

Now , a few years ago , we did a series of videos on how to tie a necktie and they're very popular and we've had a lot of requests on how to tie a bow tie .

Um , the thing with the bow tie I found is that a lot of men are intimidated by it because they think it's a hard not to tie really .

It's not that hard and we're gonna show you how to do it today .

So you're gonna start off with the bow tie around your neck .

You want one side to be a little bit longer than the other .

Uh , I prefer to have the long side , uh , draping on my left side .

So you're gonna take the le the long side and you're gonna cross it over the short .

So you get something like that , you're gonna take the long side and you're gonna go under and up through the hole between your neck and the bow tie and you're gonna pull the tape like that .

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Now , what you're gonna do is you take the short side that's in your , that's in my left hand and you're gonna fold it over and you're gonna form the top layer of your bow .

See a bow tie has two layers at top and the bottom , this is gonna be the top .

So you take the long side that's in your right hand and then you're gonna drape it over that top layer of the bow like so , so by now , you should have something that looks something like this .

All right .

Now , this part is the tricky part .

This is where you , uh , where you make or break the bow tie .

And this is , uh , where I , I had a lot of trouble when I was first learning .

If you look to the side here , you'll notice there's a hole behind that top lay of your bow tie .

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All right , what we're gonna do is we're gonna fold over this top part here and we're gonna thread it the doubled end over through that hole like so , and here it is coming out to the other side , then once you get it through there , you're pretty much done and it's just a matter of tweaking it and making it look nice again , it doesn't have to be super perfect .

All you do is just pull the folded ends together to tighten your bow tie .

Uh , you'll want to check on it throughout the day because it has a tendency to loosen up and you'll need to tighten it up .

Uh , so it doesn't look sloppy .

So that's it .

That's how you tie a bow tie .

So , get out there and practice .

It'll take a few times to master .

But once you do it will serve you for the rest of your life .

Holy smokes .

Look at the time if you'll excuse me , I have a dinner party .

I must be getting to .

Lots of interesting .

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People will be there tonight and then afterwards I had to stop this crazed Russian oligarch from blowing up the earth with a satellite .

It's going to be , it's gonna be a long night .

But , uh , anyways , this is Brett mckay telling you to stay manly .


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