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2023-08-08 12:53:33

How to Kiss a Girl

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If you wanna kiss a girl , it's important to make sure she's interested first when you're hanging out with her , try giving her some flirty compliments to see how she responds .

For instance , you might say something like you have such a gorgeous smile or I can't get over how smart and funny you are .

You can also show interest by smiling at her , making eye contact or even trying some light physical touch like putting your hand on her arm when you're talking to her .

If she smiles back , leans in close or responds with flirting and compliments of her own , she may be into you before you try kissing her .

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Make sure she's cool with it by asking for her consent , say something like is it ok if I kiss you or I'd love to kiss you right now if she says it's OK , warm up by holding her hands , putting her arms around her or gently caressing her face , make eye contact , relax your lips and slowly lean in as you get close , close your eyes and tilt your head to one side just a little so you don't bump your nose into hers , then gently press your lips against hers and hold the kiss for 1 to 4 seconds .

Don't try to put your tongue in her mouth on your first kiss since that can come off as a little aggressive or awkward when you're done , pull back gently and check her body language .

If she pulls away , that probably means she's done kissing for now .

But if she stays close or leans in , she may be ready for another kiss .

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You can always make sure by saying something like that was wonderful .

Can I kiss you again as you get more comfortable kissing her , experiment with different styles of kissing ?

For example , you might try kissing her cheek or neck , lifting her off of the ground or dipping her for an ultra romantic kiss or gently French kissing her .

If you're both ready to take things to the next level .


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