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2023-08-06 16:07:21

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Without Rejection

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Hey guys , what's going on ?

This is Trip from trip advice dot com and I'm sitting here with the beautiful Caitlin o'connor who has been in .

Let's see , Maxim , she's a , she's a , you've been a Maxim hometown hobby ?

Yes .

Um You're a , you're like a ring girl .

I do top rank boxing ring card .

Girling .

Is that a thing ?

Can I say that ?

You can say that ?

I think you can say that you've been like in everything every time I see you like you're doing something new .

She's like shooting a movie next week .

She's so busy and ways you guys , you gotta follow her .

She's on Instagram .

I'm putting the Instagram in the description box below .

So go ahead , check her out .

She's got so many sexy pictures .

It's amazing .

Thank you .

And she's here today to talk about how to get a girl to kiss you without rejection .

This is the biggest thing you have to make sure that she is comfortable with you .

Ok ?

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So no matter what a girl will reject any kind of physical advance , even sex if she's not , well , especially sex if she's not comfortable with you physically and emotionally , right right .

You have to read her body language , you have to make sure she's making eye contact with you the whole time and she's kind of closed off , closing her arms , looking away , even if her legs are crossed away from you , that's actually a subconscious sign that she's not really into you or she's not there .

Right at that minute , she's not , you know , comfortable with you .

Um , but the main thing is if she continues to keep eye contact with you , she's probably comfortable .

There's this moment that you can have with a girl , right ?

So this is when you know , it's like a really good moment is when you guys are like on a date or maybe like you first meet her at a bar or something and you guys are talking and she's giving you this like really intense eye contact and she's almost kind of going like this , like she's listening to every word , hang on every word you're saying .

Now , another thing we were talking about was touch it , right ?

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So , uh you said something earlier about uh when like a guy is touching you , like , you'll sort of feel uncomfortable .

What were you saying earlier ?

Well , I mentioned when I take pictures with somebody , if somebody comes up and asks me , can I take your picture and he , if he pulls me close and he's a little bit too touchy and too close , I will reject him just because I feel like he's being pushy and , but if he just stands there and waits for me to come over and take the picture with him , I'll , like , put my arm around him or try to do something where it's less awkward to make him feel more comfortable .

So , if you kind of play that line , like , don't be too pushy , don't be too touchy , but just kind of stay back a little bit .

She'll want to come to you and be like touching you .

Like , what do I do to make him feel more comfortable ?

Right .

Exactly .

So this is the idea of calibration .

So this is like adapting to the situation , right ?

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So if she is touching you and she starts to touch you when you first meet her , then that's gonna be ok for you to touch her and then you guys can build this physical rapport with each other .

And then at that point , you know that she's comfortable with you in that essence and then it's gonna be easier for you to kiss her without the rejection .

So if you feel like your girl is comfortable and she's making eye contact and you think everything's going cool , but you're still a little afraid that she might reject you or she might not kiss you , maybe go in for the forehead kiss or the cheek kiss .

Ok .

Cool .

So that's like testing out to see , you know how she reacts to something like that to see if you can go for something more .

Ok , so let's get real uh detail here .

Like what can a guy look for if he does go for like a cheat kiss or a forehead kiss or something like that ?

You know , when he's in the middle of flirting with her , what can he , what kind of sign can look for to know that ?

Ok .

She did accept that kiss .

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She likes it two signs you can look for if the girl smiles and looks down like , oh my God , he just kissed my .

That means she's into it or if she kind of stays close to you and doesn't back away and she doesn't turn her head away , you are not being rejected .

So maybe just go in for the kiss .

Ok ?

Cool .

So what I'm gathering here really is like for you guys when you're doing this , it's just so important that you are really super aware and paying attention to body language , right ?

So any time you're with her and you flirt with her , you touch her , you do this , you know cute little kiss on the cheek , kiss on the forehead .

You got to be in the moment , be very present like I'm telling you guys and notice kind of how she reacts to that , right ?

See kind of what's going on .

That's the biggest thing here .

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So really in conclusion to get a girl to kiss you without rejection , you need to be reading her very well and understanding where she is at in the interaction in order to know if she's going to accept those physical advances , guys .

Thanks for watching .

Again , you can follow Caitlin on Instagram .

I'm putting the link in the description box below .

Don't forget to subscribe to the channel , putting out videos every week and now sometimes twice a week for your viewing pleasure .

I'll see you next time .


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