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2023-08-07 13:54:28

Vahchef Wife Biryani Chicken Biryani Masaladar vahcef cooking at Home Biryani Recipe

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Make good food for your family and enjoy staying indoor .

Some people are just born lucky .

Some people are meant to command .

Some people are meant to rule while some other people you know , are just to work like me and cook for those commanding and the people who rule over .

And as usual today also , I'm going to make Biryani .

And what is the most important ingredient when you make Biryani ?

You need to have somebody who enjoys eating good food .

So we all enjoy great food here and we're going to add salt and some masala love Biryani , which is nice masala .

So we add chili powder , the coriander powder .

If you want , you can also use store bought the biryani masala .

But look at all the spices , some cumin powder , ginger garlic paste and rub in all these masal squeeze in lemon juice .

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See this reminds me of uh almost 10 , 12 years ago when I used to do the shows from my Chicago studio where I used to be the camera man .

I used to be the dishwasher pretty much .

I used to do everything .

But now you know , my son is here helping me out Hi .

So and also a little bit of um , masala but masala always be a little careful .

You do not want too much of it .

Add green chilies , the mint coriander leaf and some brown onion .

See , these brown onions will kind of give an absolutely awesome sweet flavor .

You add oil , pour in the yogurt now just let the yogurt sit on top .

So the juices going in , just let it rest for at least two hours so that the chicken is brine and nice and tender into the water , add salt , add oil .

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And another thing is you can add the whole masal whether you want to add directly into the biryani .

Also , you can do some cardamom c and soaked basmati rice , add to the water and you can see how I am cooking this rice in my , you know , it container check the saltiness in the water .

Otherwise you that good .

Last 21 22 days , I have realized one thing , a lot of people who are in the age group of 45 to 55 pretty much they can envision how their retirement life is going to be .

So I know my retirement life , I'll be cooking and the Queen Victoria is going to enjoy my cooking and the chicken ha ha ha ha and make sure all the masala .

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So this masala is going to be like super masala , dark chicken biryani .

And also as I told you , I'm going to add potatoes .

Here are the potatoes do not cut them really small or anything , medium size pieces .

And when the rice is nice and ready , we're going to put it on top when the rice is almost 75% done .

Take it , spread it like a layer .

Ah , the whole is giving awesome flavor .

Add a layer of brown onions , some or mint , some chopped coriander and the rest of the rice and some saffron water , rose water .

You can just put a lid on and let it cook for high flame for like 10 minutes .

Rest on a medium flame for the next 20 minutes .

30 minutes should be good enough for the chicken biryani to be perfect .

You know , when I used to work in five star hotel , we always used to give some pickles .

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So here is the melon pickle along with that , of course .

So the Biryani , you know , after 30 40 minutes , but first I have to serve the queen .

OK ?

So the full Biryani , the chicken pieces .

Oh , look at that .

Beautiful .

The rice also done perfectly chicken pieces , potato pieces and the rice .

Beautiful .

The flavor is just amazing .

A little bit of pickle is one of my favorite secrets .

Of course , some rice to go with it and a fork and a spoon .

So let's serve the queen .

So let's go .

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So here she may be busy on Facebook , on Twitter , on whatsapp .

I don't know , madam .

Thank you .

How is it baby is .

How is it ?

I know we're all going through a certain kind of pain , but good food is my prayer .

I pray a couple of times and you can see , I put on a lot of weight also .

So make good food for your family and enjoy staying indoor .


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