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How to Kiss - Best Kissing Tips for Girls and Guys

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A simple guide on how to be the best kisser kissing somebody for the first time is always an exciting and nerve wracking moment .

How should you initiate it ?

What if the person doesn't want to kiss you back ?

What should you do to be a good kisser ?

Don't worry today , we're going to answer all of these questions .

So listen up and take notes after watching this video , you'll definitely be an unbelievable kisser .

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Ok .

First things first , what hints should you give away if you want to kiss someone ?

It's usually all very subconscious and your body language should do the job for you .

The most obvious choice is to look at the person's lips briefly .

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This is the main subconscious kissing signal .

Keeping your lips softly parted is another body language option to give away romantic intentions .

Not too much though , it's enough to bite your bottom lips slightly .

Those who are especially brave can try to test the waters beforehand if you're on a date with a girl quickly and gently kiss her hand as you greet her .

If you're on a date with a guy , plant a kiss on his cheek , you'll instantly see how the person feels about it as the date goes on .

You can decide whether it would be appropriate to kiss your date .

Goodbye or if it's better to take it slowly .

If you're feeling even braver , you can ask for a kiss directly , be respectful and choose your words wisely .

For example , I'm sorry if I'm being too forward , but may I kiss you ?

This is the best option .

If you're still in doubt , your date will probably appreciate you asking for their consent before getting a bit more intimate .

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Now that we found out how to initiate the kiss .

Let's move on to the basic kissing techniques .

First and foremost , you should take care of your lips .

Chapped lips are never a good look .

Don't forget about your breath either if it feels a little stale , use breath mince or a spray to freshen up , begin with a few soft and gentle kisses , no tongue or teeth .

There's no need for that , especially if you are kissing somebody for the very first time .

You are just getting to know each other in this way and slow and gentle kisses will give both of you a chance to stop .

If anything seems uncomfortable or wrong .

If your feelings are mutual , your kiss will progress naturally .

Try to swallow excess saliva as sloppy kisses aren't romantic as your kiss continues .

You can go with a locked lips technique , which is also a great gateway for future French kissing .

To put it simply for the locked lips technique .

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You should stack your lips so that your partner's lower lip is below your lower lip and their upper lip is below your upper lip .

At this point , you can start to use your hands more as well .

Putting your hands around your partner's waist , on their shoulders or on the sides of their face are just a couple of possible choices .

Go with your instincts and feelings , but be considerate .

You should both feel comfortable about what's going on between the two of you .

If your partner doesn't mind the locked lips technique , you can test using your tongue after some time , try lightly running the tip of it over your partner's lower lip and see how they respond .

If your partner presses in closer to you or even returns the gesture , that's a good sign .

As you increase the intensity of the kiss , you can also go for French kissing .

Although this is usually more appropriate for couples who have been together for some time .

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When French kissing , you should sweep your tongue along the inside of your partner's lower lip .

As always , it's advisable to begin slowly and gently and increase the intensity of your partner responds .

Well , if everything's going well , all you have to do is slide the tip of your tongue inside your partner's mouth and gently move it against the tip of their tongue .

However , if it's your first kiss , stay away from this technique , try something lighter .

Instead , the final cherry on top when it comes to kissing techniques is using your teeth .

This adds an unexpected element to a kiss .

When your lips are locked , simply place your teeth over your partner's lower lip and gently pull back .

Keep the pressure as light as possible and don't use this trick frequently .

It should be an occasional gesture , not a constant thing .

And that's all the basic kissing techniques for you .

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You can mix them up or stick to the one you prefer the most .

Kissing is purely individual and it can be anything you want as long as you are both feeling it , all of this advice is helpful .

But what if it's your first kiss ?

How can you make this moment memorable and amazing ?

Most importantly , calm down , take a deep breath .

Everything's going to be just fine if you're truly in love with your partner and they're in love with you , your skillfulness won't matter too much .

Everyone starts at the beginning and you can grow and build intimacy together , which will make your connection even stronger .

Don't rush the moment your first kiss happens only once unless the energy between you is electric and you feel like if you don't kiss the person , you'll regret it for the rest of your life .

Don't do it .

It's always cool .

To have a romantic first kiss story .

Right ?

If you're feeling shy , let your partner lead the way .

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There's nothing wrong with it quite the opposite .

This approach will only help you learn everything more quickly .

According to specialist , a great kiss has a drug like effect .

That's because our lips are the most exposed erogenous zone and have 12 cranial nerves to shoot impulses into our brain .

And this chemical cocktail can lead to a feeling of being high .

Still there have to be some other kissing tricks out there that can make you a better kisser .

Right .

Sure .

And trick number one is educating yourself about other erogenous zone .

Yes , we've learned that lips are among them .

However , they're not the only erogenous zone in that general area , the neck ear lobes , shoulders , fingertips .

The list is quite long , combining the effects of a couple of them will certainly upgrade your kissing game .

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Another important thing is to be honest , you can't become a better kisser if you don't progress , if something is wrong , tell your partner about it and let them do the same for you and don't take it personally , let it be a part of the learning experience .

Paying more attention to your partner is also one of the keys to being a good kisser .

Everyone has their own set of preferences .

And if you know and follow them , you'll definitely be the best for your partner .

And this is exactly why it's important to talk it over your girlfriend or boyfriend can't read your thoughts .

So leave little hints or tell them everything directly and last but not least give bad kissers a chance .

Kissing is a skill that can be improved .

All you have to do is teach the person if you really have feelings for somebody , turning them down just because they aren't as good a kisser as you thought isn't the best choice .

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They may be not so good now , but after some time they'll be amazing and you'll lose your chance to be with someone you love after all practice makes perfect .

Can you tell us the story of your first kiss ?

Share your experience in the comments below .

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