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2023-08-07 14:15:05

How To Tie an Ascot or Cravat Barrel Knot

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Hi , everybody .

I'm Patrick Nani .

I am the tie guide .

This is my youtube channel and I'm showing you every single way of tying a necktie and of course , Ascots cravats and all sorts of other good things to add to your repertoire .

And if you like that kind of thing , if you're looking for that , then please subscribe this time .

I'm gonna show you how to tie the ascot or a car into the barrel mop .

Let's get started .

So the first thing you need is a vest , it'll cover up the short ends of your Ascott because once it's tied , it only comes uh about mid chest .

The se the second thing that you'll need is a , either a tie pin or a tie tack .

So I have a tie tag .

So I'm gonna show you how to put that on right now .

Proceeding with the tie tack .

Here it is .

It's got a bar , a chain , a butterfly clutch and then a decorative front to it .

So you will , because I'm wearing a vest and an ascot is quite short .

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By the time I tie it up , it's going to be sort of centered around here .

So I wanna insert this tiny little bar at the end of the chain through the button hole that is here for my button through the front .

Like , so I want it's through , I can rebutton this button and for now I'm gonna let that hang there .

So now we're on our barrel , not for our ascot , taking both ends , we can take , they're gonna be about the same length .

One is gonna be , let's say this one's gonna be a little longer , three inches longer than this one .

So it's gonna cross over top and you're gonna just feed it up through the back of your knot and down through across like , so you cinch it up this front part here .

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I want it to be nice and smooth at this point .

I'm going to take the little end .

I'm gonna create up an s like you would do it in the front of a bow tie and I want it to be in behind .

So that s is right there as you can see .

So crossing that over now , I'm gonna reach down into this part of the whole and I want to pull up the long end through there and I want to slowly and not make a tight knot , make a loose knot here for now , you have your barrel so you can adjust that play without , until you like it .

If you like it smoother or you like it bunched up a little bit .

But the idea is not to tie tight and then revealing the knot , you want the knot completely covered in the back .

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So now you have each end on the either side of that knot , you can cross them over to the middle .

And this is where our tie tack is going to come into play .

So once we've positioned this , we're gonna sort of bring each piece into the middle , sort of select where I could feel my tie tack in behind my ascot .

So that's pretty much where I'm gonna pin it through .

So at this point , I could take my decorative front , front detach it from like butterfly clutch and where my fingers are .

That's where my clasp was .

Now , I can poke this tie tack .

It has a bit of a sharp post on it .

Great .

All right .

Now that I've dropped my tie tack , uh I still know where uh the middle of where my ascot is .

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Now , I can poke those through once that's done .

You got a sharp end here , you can attach it back to the clutch , you can adjust your nod a little bit .

But now , keep in mind , Tita is keeping your ascot in one place .

So now you can proceed to do up your vest .

So that's how you do the barrel knot for the Ascot or CVAT .

I hope you like that .

Uh If you want to check out more stuff on my channel , I've got all sorts of ways of tying neckties , folding pocket squares , and other ways of tying ascots and curves , bow ties , everything like that .

Thank you so much for watching .


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