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2023-08-08 07:01:04

Zafrani Biryani Recipe _ How To Make Saffron Chicken Biryani _ Biryani Recipe By Varun Inamdar

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Hey guys , it's me , the Bombay chef and welcome to get carried .

Well , today , I'm going to show you one of my most favorite recipes and that is a biryani , not just a regular biryani , but a saffron chicken biryani .

And I'm gonna use Maus saffron .

Well , this is a family owned boutique company which sources the highest quality saffron from the most recent harvest here .

Now , without further ado , let me quickly move on and begin our saffron chicken biryani .

Trust me , it is the most scented tasty and aromatic biryani you will ever make in your home .

Let's begin .

Well , not just tasty and aromatic , but it's also one of the simplest biryani .

Let's begin with the key .

Now , you can use a thick bottom pan or you can also make this in any biryani container or Biryani vessel that you personally making in .

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Let's add in 50% of the key as mentioned in the recipe in the description box below .

Let's add in some whole spices .

In this case , I'm gonna keep it very simple .

Let's add in bay leaf along with this a stick of cinnamon cloves and black pepper gone once they kind of just open up their pores .

I'm gonna add in red onion .

Now , this is a red onion which is roughly sliced .

Let's mix all of this till it becomes light golden brown in color and to kind of hasten that up .

I'm going to add in a little bit of salt .

Let's mix this and wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes on medium to high flame .

The onions have turned beautiful and golden brown .

Let's add in red chili powder .

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And along with this good , you lower the flame and mix as well with this .

Let's also add in some mint leaves which are finely cut .

I prefer adding mint leaves at this stage because mint leaves added right on top , turn them darker and I do not want the color of the biryani to change one bit because the star ingredient is saffron and that not only adds in color but also adds in that beautiful aroma .

Let's add in a star ingredient which is maus saffron .

I'm adding this not only for taste and flavor but also for its beautiful color and aroma .

Time to add in a piece of chicken which is already boiled and ready to this .

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I'm also adding in some chicken stock .

This is primarily to ensure that the chicken also gets that one last envelope .

I'm gonna cover this and cook it further for at least 3 to 4 minutes on medium flame time to add in another layer of richness and that is milk .

I'm also gonna flavor this with mazzo saffron .

Well , not only color but also add in its beautiful floral aroma , but saffron works brilliantly for almost all kinds of culinary applications , whether it's cooking or baking , just ensure you use it , give this a stir and wait for it to leach its natural floral flavor .

Let's check the chicken and the stock for its final doneness .

It's looking just perfect .

Let's add in the parboiled rice , which is your very typical way of making rice for biryani .

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Let's add in all of this .

This is ideally 3/4 cooked rice .

Let's give it a little bit of a dab .

Do not press this because you want it nice and fluffed up to this .

I'm gonna add in the remaining amount of key .

Let's add in a few dollops here and there and with the steam cooking further for the next 15 minutes , it's all gonna get absorbed in the rice .

It's gonna be wonderful .

Trust me .

Let's place in boil eggs which are cut into half .

And finally the flavored milk with Mazzo saffron .

Finally , I'm gonna lower the flame , cover this and cook this under dumb for at least 12 to 15 minutes .

It's been 15 minutes with this off goes the flame and our aromatic saffron chicken Biryani is done and ready .

And this is thanks to the wonderful Mazzo saffron .

Well , I can personally vouch for the quality of the saffron because it's been independently lab tested to ensure quality and potency .

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The next step is as simple as serving this and eating this .

So this was Saffron Chicken Biryani using Maus Saffron .

Let me also tell you that they offer free shipping throughout the world .

The ordering link is in the description box below .

So try this and let me know how it turned out .

Stay tuned to get carried .


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