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2023-08-07 14:13:33

How to Tie a Shelby Knot _ Art of Manliness

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There are three classic knots .

We've done the for hand , the half Windsor and the full Windsor .

And as pro is gonna show you a more obscure knot that a lot of men don't know about that .

It's pretty cool and it's called the Shelby Knot .

Now , the Shelby Knot was named after popularized by a 19 seventies news anchorman at a Minneapolis named Don Shelby .

This was a time when anchormen were men , you know , like Ron Burgundy , right ?

Um The Shelby Knot is works best with spread colors .

It leaves you with a kind of a triangle knot and it works really well with ties that are thick and wider .

Um So you've ever busted out on those 19 seventies polyesters , let's make a deal type of tie from your dad's tie collection .

Use the Shelby knot and it will work perfectly .

So you're gonna start off with the tie with the wide end on your right , the left end , the narrow one on your left .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And unlike the other ties where you start off with the , the tie facing forward , you're actually gonna flip it like this .

Ok .

So it's facing reverse , you're gonna take the wide end and bring it behind the narrow end like so and then you're gonna take the wide end and bring it up and down through the loop between your thigh and your neck .

Bring it back out to the left like this .

Then you're gonna take it from left to right over .

Then you take the white in and bring it up through the loop like so back down and now you got your , your knot here and just take the wide in , stick it through that loop .

And if you want to make that triangle shape , pull on the edges and then just start tightening the knot and bring it up to your neck like that , pulling your collar down .

There you go , Shelby , not


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