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2023-08-08 07:13:32

How to Clean SUEDE Shoes - The RIGHT Way

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What's up everybody .

I'm Seth Fowler and I have a series called The $20 Sneaker Collection , which you may have seen if you watch my channel for a while .

And in that series , I go to thrift stores and flea markets and yard sales .

I buy up sneakers that I think I can resell .

I clean them up and then list them on ebay and Facebook marketplace and trade block and anywhere that I can get a couple bucks for them .

And in order for me to extract the most value that I possibly can out of the sneakers that I buy in order to resell , I've usually got to clean them .

And so a couple of weeks back , I did a video on how to clean just standard leather air Jordan sneakers .

But a lot of you guys said in the comments section that you want to know how to clean suede sneakers because suede sneakers are something that I pick up a lot as well .

And it's a style of material that has a very different cleaning process that I showed you in the previous cleaning video .

So today , as you can see , I have a pair of pretty dirty , easy five hundreds .

This is , uh , my personal pair .

I love this pair and in order to show you guys how to clean suede , I had to rub it through the , um , the dirt in my front yard , which sucks because I really do wear this sneaker all the time .

And if I can't clean it that well , then , uh , it's , it's ruined .

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Hey , you know what , I gotta do what I gotta do in order to show you guys how to clean sneakers and make money by buying and reselling sneakers for yourself .

Before we dive into this though , I want to give a huge thank you to the sponsor of today's video Rejuvenator , which is the brand that makes all the cleaning products that we're gonna use in order to clean up this pair of shoes .

So I'm sure you've heard me talk about rejuvenator a lot in the past .

They've been long time supporters of the channel huge .

Thank you to them for that .

And they really are the best sneaker cleaner out there and the brand that I use on an everyday basis .

So what I personally use in order to clean up all the sneakers that I buy in the $20 sneaker collection is the rejuvenator executive kit .

And the reason I use this kit is because it has literally every product that you could ever need in order to clean any kind of sneaker .

Now , obviously , this is not the only option when it comes to buying rejuvenator products .

There's a ton of different products available .

You can buy each product individually or smaller kits depending on your use case .

But the best part is because we're in Black Friday Week right now .

Black Friday 2021 rejuvenator has 30% off of everything on their site if you use the link in the description below .

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So if you're trying to start your own sneaker cleaning business or do what I'm doing and buy sneakers , clean them up and then resell them or even just clean the sneakers that you wear on a daily basis .

I definitely recommend rejuvenator .

I'm obviously using rejuvenator to clean up this shoe in this video and I use it to clean up every other pair of shoes that I own .

So I definitely recommend them personally .

And again , because this is Black Friday week for this week only you get 30% off the entire store if you use the link in the description below .

But with that being said , let's take a look at some beauty shots of this pair of Yeezy five hundreds in the whitest color way possible .

I wish I had a darker pair of yeas that I could have destroyed .

But hey , you know what , it'll be a good cleaning video .

So if you're into sneakers at all , I'm sure you're familiar with how to clean leather sneakers .

It's a pretty easy process .

You can use your rejuvenator sneaker cleaning solution , throw it in a bowl with some water and then literally just scrub the shoes and they're pretty much good to go .

But for suede because it's such a different kind of material .

A lot of times water can actually damage and ruin suede .

So in order to clean a shoe like this , it has a lot of different suede accents .

You really don't want to use water .

At least not for the upper of the shoe .

I am gonna use it for the mid sole and the out sole of the shoe .

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But for the top half of the sneaker , we're going dry , baby .

That sounded weird .

So the first thing I'm gonna do is take this for Venator shoe tree , put it inside the shoe so that the shoe can hold its shape while I'm cleaning it .

I'm not sure exactly what size I need to go with for this shoe tree , but I'm just gonna experiment .

Hope it works out and actually was perfect on the first try .

So then I'm gonna pull out the laces .

So the nice thing about suede is that it's actually pretty easy to clean and all you really need to do is brush it .

So , what we're gonna do is take this rejuvenator soft bristle brush and we're gonna start brushing the suede in one direction that's important , only brush it in one direction .

So we'll start off on this side and start brushing it and right off the bat , you can see the dirt is kind of just falling off .

That might have something to do with the way that I rub this shoe in the dirt .

But it really does just come up with this again .

Make sure to only do it in one direction , it'll get all funky if you don't , I definitely don't recommend going back and forth and it works for the mesh too .

Like the mesh didn't hold on to a lot of dirt , which is nice .

So that's about as much as I think that the soft bristle brush will do .

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It actually did a really great job of getting most of the dirt out and I really did .

I dragged this shoe in the dirt .

It was a , it was heartbreaking .

Honestly , there are still some , uh some dirt marks along the side and in the front of the shoe that's probably just from day to day wear .

So what I'm gonna do for these slightly dirtier spots is get the rejuvenator , sued eraser and again , brush in one direction and kind of give it some light pressure which would help get some of that uh , tougher dirt out .

I usually like to go towards the front of the shoe because it pushes the dirt off of the shoe .

Obviously , you can go in whichever direction you want , just stick to that direction .

Now , what's crazy is that this shoe was not brand new when I first dirty it up but the cleanness of the suede or the brightness of the sued right now is kind of nuts .

It kind of looks like I literally just took a brand new shoe and then rubbed it in the dirt , but I didn't , I promise .

So the sued eraser did a pretty good job .

I'm probably gonna go back in with the sued eraser after I do the next step and the next step is using this , uh , rejuvenator suede brush .

And I'm gonna try and take out the dirt in these little creases around where the mud guard is and , uh , in the little cracks and crevices that I couldn't hit with the , uh , the larger brush or with the sued eraser .

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So I'm gonna go in like this , I just brush it out lightly .

And the nice thing about this brush is that this brush you can kind of lightly go back and forth with and that'll give the , uh , the suede back .

Its , uh , like I said , sued is not that difficult to clean .

You just don't usually want to get it wet because if you get it wet , it'll mat it down and it really depends on the kind of suede or the kind of sneaker that you have .

Sometimes the sued will be dyed with a certain kind of dye that'll run and it will really make the shoe look terrible if you get it wet .

So , um , just in general trying to get your suede shoes wet .

I realize sometimes you cut out in the rain and you can't stop it , but , uh , really try and keep them as dry as possible .

So now that the suede has been cleaned up , what I'm gonna do is start cleaning the , the mid sole and the out sole of the shoe .

Now , like I said , one of the most important things and I've said this a million times throughout this video , but it really is important is to try and not get this suede wet .

So when cleaning the mid sole and the outsole , we are gonna use the standard rejuvenator cleaning solution .

But what we're gonna do is try to be as careful as possible and not get any overspray .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the rejuvenator medium bristle brush .

Where did I put that ?

I got it .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So what I'm gonna do is put the shoe off to the side for a second .

I'm gonna fill up .

Ok .

So now that it's refilled , uh , what I'm gonna do is take the rejuvenator cleaning solution trip , a couple of drops in here .

I haven't opened this one yet .

I could have prepared for this so much better .

I think a couple of drops in there .

Perfect .

And then what I'm gonna do is try and get as much water off of this brush as I possibly can because the less water that you have , the less likely you're gonna get it in suede .

Another option that you do have is actually the rejuvenator sneaker wipes .

Now , this is great for like touching up or bringing with you when you're traveling .

If you need to clean up any stains that happened on your trip .

These are really great .

I use these all the time .

I probably will use these on this shoe just to show you guys how they work .

But first , I'm gonna show you guys the best technique for cleaning up the mid sole without getting water on the upper .

So I'm just gonna go very lightly scrub , try to avoid as much of the upper is possible .

Sometimes it's inevitable .

Sometimes it just happens .

There's not much you can do about it , but the more effort you put into not getting the upper , the less likely it is that you'll get it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , like I said in the last cleaning video , it's always good to get bubbles .

You want bubbles when you scrubbing .

That always is a good sign .

I get a little bit more water again .

I'm gonna try and get as much water off the brush as I possibly can without trying to knock over this container .

Now , I'm just gonna wipe this guy off with the rejuvenator microfiber cloth really quickly just to see what the progress is like .

They're nice .

That's an old reference .

Now , as you can see , I wasn't as careful in the leather portion of the shoe because that shouldn't be bothered by the , the water .

Um , but again , just be careful around the wade can't stress it enough .

Now , I'm realizing that this cloth is very , very dirty .

I'm gonna fold this guy up , put it off to the side because this is just gonna make the shoe even more dirty .

Got a cleaner one right here .

There we go .

Look at that all fresh .

Now , what I'm gonna do is go in with the rejuvenator sneaker wipes and spot check it , hit it where it needs to be hit .

You know .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So for example , when we go in at the top of the mud guard , try and clean up all these little dirty areas and it allows me to put some more pressure into , uh , cleaning this portion of the shoe .

Because if I did that with the brush , the brush will definitely overspray .

If I push with this , it's not gonna overspray because it's not like a crazy liquid .

It's just a little bit of dampness , which is nice .

Now that we've done that , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit the , uh , suede with the sued eraser one more time just because I want to give it the , the freshest look possible .

Another kind of trick that you can use if you have like really set in stains is you can take the rejuvenator microfiber cloth and kind of go in and apply pressure yourself , which oftentimes helps .

Ok .

So now that we've got the mid sole and the out sole and the upper of the shoe pretty well cleaned .

What I'm gonna do is go in and clean the laces .

So , what I've done is I've actually put in some fresh water into the rejuvenator bowl so that the dirt from the shoe won't actually dirty up these laces .

I'm gonna put a little bit more rejuvenator cleaning solution in there like that .

I'm gonna drop the laces in , slash them around a bit and uh pretty much get all dirt off of them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It is the plan .

Hopefully it works .

I hate doing these videos because usually what happens is the shoe that I clean in the video is always 10 times cleaner than the other shoe .

And usually I'm using my own personal pairs and because I do that , I just don't take the time to clean the other personal pair .

I'm too busy cleaning the shoes to come in for the video series .

So I end up with one like really clean left or right shoe and then the other shoe is like uh someone beat up but look how clean these laces look .

That's crazy .

Ok , awesome .

So I'm gonna let these dry and squeeze them out , let them dry .

But at this point , I'm gonna fast forward a little bit .

I'm gonna let this shoe dry , take out the shoe tree , which actually I'll do right now .

I'm gonna throw the laces back in and then show you guys some before and after B roll .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But with that , we pretty much wrap up the entire suede cleaning video for today .

Now , I would love to know your thoughts on this video and whether you'd like to see me clean other kinds of materials .

Let me know in the comment section down below if that would be helpful for you .

And of course , don't forget to check out the sponsor of today's video rejuvenator , the best sneaker cleaning products on the market .

If you guys want to get 30% off , it's only available for this week .

So make sure to check them out by clicking the link in the description below .

And as always , thank you so much for watching .

Make sure to subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll see you all in the next one .


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