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2023-08-08 07:10:30

5 Ways To Style White Sneakers _ How To Wear White Sneakers _ Winter Outfit Ideas

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I'm Brian Zawa .

You're watching he spoke style and today five ways to wear white sneakers .

This video is sponsored by Coo and throughout this video , I'm gonna be featuring this shoe right here .

This is the Coo Capri , triple white or the capri triple white .

I say that because it is handmade in Italy with smooth and durable vitello calf leather .

It's got the soul , which is known for being lightweight and extremely durable finished with hand painted edges .

It's a very handsome , minimal sneaker at a price point that is much easier to swallow than others .

In this category , the shoe retails for $248 free and return .

He spokes style .

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Now let's take a look at five ways to style white sneakers , white sneakers themselves are very simple , which makes them incredibly easy to style and extremely versatile .

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And up first , here is a very clean , simple and classic look .

Probably the most classic of the five .

I'm going to show you today this to me is one of those looks that's so classic and so easy to put together that you almost forget about it .

Every piece in this outfit is an absolute classic starting with the navy P coat .

This one is by theory , you can check out my complete outerwear collection video with the link right up there .

Underneath another classic pairing , we have a white O CBD by Polo Ralph Lauren and then layered over that a gray Merino wool V neck sweater , which is by J crew .

One thing to point out here is the balance that the white shirt creates for the whole outfit .

You can see just a little bit of the white shirt up top , which balances really nicely with the white sneakers pants , classic khaki chinos by Bonobos and then on my wrist , we have the Rolex Explorer too .

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Now I chose this watch specifically for the white dial , which again that little pop of white just helps to bring everything together and make the entire outfit that much more cohesive .

Here , we have an outfit that I would consider to be kind of lux casual and a really great example of how to do more with less but still have a very , very cohesive and well put together .

Look really aside from the sneakers and the watch on my wrist , we're dealing with just three pieces .

Here .

We have the coat , the turtle neck and the jeans .

So let's actually start with the jeans , these are by Michael Andrews Bespoke .

Yes , there is such a thing as bespoke jeans and if you've ever had difficulty finding a perfect fit , it's something I definitely recommend checking into turtleneck is by Cornel Yai .

It's in a great wool and Cashmere blend .

I love the juxtaposition of that fabric paired with the denim .

Also , the color contrast works really well .

Coat is by Danielle Ali Sandrine , great plaid pattern .

Subtle yet still makes a statement .

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Watch is the IWC genre .

The final thing I'll say about this look is that I like how we have these two competing styles coming together up top , definitely more dressy with the jacket and the turtle neck and then the bottom , we have the jeans and the sneakers .

It's a great way to stay stylish chic and sporty .

A little bit of a mod approach here in this next look , I wanted to put together something that was simple , but that had kind of a cool factor to it as well .

The way to do that is to embrace your inner minimalist .

Again , not a whole lot of pieces making up .

This look just goes to show you that sometimes the simplest looks can make the biggest statements in order to do that with the foundation .

Here , I chose to go more or less monochromatic .

We have a dark gray or charcoal gray turtle neck by Unico paired with some black Levi's denim jeans .

Now , I didn't go full on monochromatic because the sneakers being white , I thought would have been a little too jarring had I picked a black coat .

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So instead I went with this camel coat by selected home to provide a focal point for the look and to create some balance with the white sneakers , black jeans and white sneakers , I think are a great combo maximum contrast there .

So balance in an outfit is important .

Two final details to point out here , sunglasses with the cabernet tinted gradient lenses are by mascot .

And then on my wrist , we have the Alaa Zuna data graph .

The dial being kind of a nod to the contrast of the sneakers and the jeans .

You can wear sneakers with a suit , especially if they're white sneakers .

But I think it works just as well if not better when you pair them with suits separates a suit is more formal .

So dressing it down in that way is sort of a high risk endeavor , a blazer with trousers on the other hand , is inherently a little more casual , a little more sporty .

So with the right pieces , I think white sneakers can pair it really well and really effortlessly .

The goal here is to emphasize the sporty aspect of this combination .

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And for me , the way to do that is through contrast , as you can see the big contrast we have here are the navy trousers by ring jacket with the white sneakers .

Now remember a contrast like that works best when the rest of the outfit helps balance it out .

The white shirt which is from the HSS Michael Andrews collection provides the most obvious balance here .

But then more subtly we have the chalk stripe of the blazer helping to tie that all together .

A couple of accessories worth mentioning here , putting the finishing touches on glasses are by cubits and the watch .

We have the Cartier Tank American .

Finally , you know that I always like to throw in something a little funky and maybe a little unexpected .

And that's the situation we have here .

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This look is definitely along the lines of the last look where I'm taking dressier pieces and giving them more of a sportier overall feel with the addition of the white sneakers taking it though unapologetically a step further here and upping the ante with a double breasted blazer and more of a luxe sweater with the wool and cashmere cable knit turtle neck blazer is from Alba in turtle neck is by Penny Parma .

With this being more of a sporty look , I've decided to not button the double breasted blazer to take the formality out of it and to help project some more casual nonchalant .

Also thinking along those sporty lines , the turtle neck is tucked into my trousers , which are from the HSS Michael Andrews collection .

The lighter color I think really lends itself to the feel here .

Whereas if it were darker , I'm not sure it would work quite as well last detail to mention here , of course , is the watch on my wrist .

We have the Vashon Constantine traditional .

You know , there are so many different ways to style white sneakers .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was kind of hard to come up with just five to show you in this particular video because it is winter time .

Now I did stick to winter outfits though , I could probably do a video like this for each season .

Actually , if you'd like to see that in the future , let me know down in the comments .

I want to thank Koyo once again for sponsoring this video and reminder that he spoke style .

Viewers can receive a free cleaning kit which you'll definitely want if you have some white sneakers with the purchase of any coo shoes by using code , he spoke style , all one word links to the coo capri triple white featured throughout this video as well as all of the outfit .

Details are down below in the description .

Thumbs up .

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Until next time , everyone .

Thanks for watching and stay tailored .


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