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How to Kiss a Girl on Your First Date _ First Date Ideas

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How to kiss a girl on your first date .

After successfully asking a girl out on a first date , the next nerve wracking hurdle to get over is the first kiss .

This can be very scary for most guys or girls because if you misread her signals , you could both be in for a lot of awkwardness and embarrassment .

On the other hand , you could have correctly interpreted her willingness to be kissed but ruin what could have been a romantic moment because of your clumsiness .

You know how girls often say they can tell from the first kiss whether or not they want a relationship with that guy .

The importance of getting the first kiss , right cannot be overstated .

Lucky for you .

We are here to help you figure out how to kiss a girl on your first date .

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One , the crucial ingredient of a great first kiss experience is mutual attraction .

So your mission is to accurately evaluate whether your date is physically attracted to you or not yet .

Look for clues like touching , flirting or making suggestive comments .

If she's doing two out of three chances are she wants you to kiss her ?

On the other hand , if she keeps steering the conversation toward neutral topics , subtly moves away from your touch or seems oblivious to your flirtatious comments .

It could be your way of tactfully telling you to back off while some first dates are the start of a great love story .

Others are meant to end up as nothing but friendships and that's ok .

Two , assuming your date seems to be giving out signals that she is as into you as you are with her .

The next step is to pick the right moment .

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The safest option is to reserve the kiss for the end of the day right before she goes inside her house .

This is safe because if you mess it up , you can easily get away without having to endure each other's awkward company .

On the other hand , if the physical attraction is strong , a first kiss moment can present at any time during the day .

In which case take it three when the moment seems to be conducive to intimacy , for example , sitting close together while having a meaningful conversation gradually ease her in by touching her lightly and sensuously on her arms , her back and her face .

Remember the goal is to be sexy , not creepy .

If it feels weird to touch her , tell her that you find her beautiful four .

Get ready for the big moment when you feel like the timing is right .

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Stop talking and slowly go in for the kids , move your face about three quarters of the way toward her , then leave it up to her to close the gap five .

When your lips touch , press your lips tantalizingly to hers for about 2 to 4 seconds and then end the kiss .

It's better to have her wanting more than leave her feeling like you've taken advantage of the moment .

Don't worry if you do this right .

There will be many other chances for more kisses .

The secret of how to kiss a girl on your first date .

Why isn't making her feel special and beautiful ?

So don't be afraid to show your tender and sensitive side slick guys may seem like winners in movies but don't buy into that .

The truth is that girls appreciate guys who know how to deliver romance for the first kiss between you and a girl .

Aim for romantic and magical and you can never go wrong .


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